• Staatsoper goes Lichtenberg

    The cooperation between Staatsoper and the Caritas association for the archdiocese of Berlin was launched in 2009 with the Response project Sternzeit F:A:S. One year later the recital Mir träumte! followed, and in the children and youth centre Steinhaus in Lichtenberg, Thursday was declared the day of the Children's opera house. In the afternoon the rooms become a rehearsal stage, a music study, a stage decoration and media workshop. Here new productions are worked on in cooperation with artists of Staatsoper, continuing the past development which has brought about a new quality of community work in Lichtenberg. Parents and teachers, children and artists perform opera as if it was the most natural thing on earth.

    Further information:

    Engel Singen Hören was the production in the 2012/2013 season.
    ... was Du nicht siehst was the production in the 2013/2014 season.

  • Staatsoper goes Kinderheim

    A project of the Junge Staatsoper in collaboration with the Dimicare Anneliese Langner Foundation.

    The partnership of the Junge Staatsoper with the Dimicare Anneliese Langner Foundation is entering its second year. The Foundation wants to help people who have suffered abuse to feel no longer like victims. Through the medium of musical theatre, children can learn to step out of themselves and their problems into other roles and thereby to develop new attitudes and strategies for solution from the perspectives they have gained.

    During the first project (2012), the children engaged with »The Valiant Little Tailor« (Brothers Grimm), and examined how the little tailor manages to defeat his seemingly invincible enemy using cunning and audacity. The result was a radio play, which the children developed by speaking, singing and playing instruments. For the second year the children took to the stage with the question of whether »Little Red Riding Hood« was a victim of the wolf, and whether or how she could fight back.

    The project is lead by Stella Konstantinou (theatre), Johann Castillo Bro (dance) and Tobias Daniel Reiser (music).

  • On the quest for luck

    A project of the Junge Staatsoper in collaboration with the Comenius Grundschule and the grund_schule der künste (UdK).

    The project examines the behaviour of characters from the fairy-tale »Little Red Riding Hood« in conjunction with abuse prevention methods. Under the slogan »Defend the Wolf!« we consider alternative courses of action which Little Red Riding Hood could take against the wolf. Whether it's fighting back with hot sausage water, as in a lesser-known version by the Brothers Grimm, or Little Blue Riding Hood coming to the rescue - personal narratives of self-determination and self-assertion are brought to the stage in the form of music, theatre and dance.

    Students of the grund_schule der künste, a constituent part of the Universität der Künste, participate in the artistic debate over the theme of the little girl and the big bad wolf. They aim to find out, for example, how many different ways a wolf can howl when Little Red Riding Hood puts up a fight!

    The results has been presented to the public in a performance.

    This project is supported by the Berliner Projektfonds Kulturelle Bildung.

    › Link to grund_schule der künste (UdK)

    The project was submitted to participate in the contest › KINDER ZUM OLYMP hosted by Kulturstiftung der Länder.