Medea is one of the great figures in the world of Greek mythology. She possesses magical powers and an unbridled passion, ultimately becoming a destructive avenging angel. Medea will appear on stage and in the concert hall three times during the BAROCKTAGEN: in Marc-Antoine Charpentier’s late 17th-century opera, in Luigi Cherubini’s version composed in Paris around a century later that gave it a new musical guise using contemporary instruments, and in a rarely heard melodrama by Georg Anton Benda from the 1770s. The story is told differently three times, each with its own emphasis, bringing to life the mythical story in different ways. The successful production of Mozart’s earlier opera seria »Mitridate, Re di Ponto« which was written for Milan, will be performed once again. The concerts are primarily dedicated to French Baroque music, with Charpentier at the centre.

November – 2023