The musical period known as the Baroque has a beginning and an end, although its boundaries are somewhat vague. To explore this period, the BAROQUE DAYS, a new nucleus of the programme, bring together ten days of opera performances, concerts and much more, focusing on two composers who embody the beginning and the end of the Baroque era: Claudio Monteverdi and Jean-Philippe Rameau. Monteverdi was one of the figures who developed the art form of opera in the early seventeenth century, while Rameau, who was traditionally-minded yet advanced, brought the form to new heights in the middle of the eighteenth century, especially with his Tragédie lyrique »Hippolyte et Aricie«, which is being performed at the Staatsoper for the first time for BAROQUE DAYS 2018.
Both composers provided crucial impetus for the music of their time, and both also cultivated dance and the terpsichorean. The fact that their music is open to different representations and interpretations will become apparent, whether on the historical harpsichord or the modern piano, whether performed by large or small ensembles, and by singers or instrumentalists.  

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November – 2018

December – 2018