Der unglaubliche Spotz

No fairy tale, an opera for all from 6 years onwards For 4 singers and 3 musicians Music by Mike Svoboda Text by Manfred Weiß

King Astus Bastus of Allyria suffers from acute sensitivity to noise. But the composer Bartolomäus Brummhold has just written the first ever Allyrian opera, which is due to celebrate its world premiere with Princess Asta Basta as the lead female role. However, as soon as the overture begins, the king gets a headache and forbids the opera’s performance. All subsequent attempts to help the king become accustomed to music fail. Finally, Brummhold and Asta ask the inventor Einstein for help. Together they build a device that converts all noise into individual musical notes that they play to the king in his sleep. When everyone has given up hope, the king wakes up one morning and reports that he has heard beautiful music. No one can explain this sudden change. But then Asta, Brummhold and Einstein discover a device – the »incredible Spotz« – which enables the king to enjoy music.
In his second music theatre piece for children, Mike Svoboda has developed a colourful score which is enhanced by a richly faceted landscape of noise.