The International Opera Studio of the Staatsoper Unter den Linden has been in existence since November 2007. Under the direction of conductor, pianist and vocal coach Boris Anifantakis, it offers young, talented singers the possibility to prepare themselves for an artistically demanding career in opera and musical theatre. The overall artistic direction of the International Opera Studio is provided by Daniel Barenboim, whose primary concern is to provide continuing education and consistent support within the framework of the Staatsoper for the artistic development of promising young singers.

The International Opera Studio, which is financially supported by the Liz Mohn Kultur- und Musikstiftung, is centred on two fundamental goals. The first is to provide those who receive a stipendium with the opportunity of making appearances on the stage of the Staatsoper in small and medium-sized roles, thereby being directly incorporated in the working processes of the opera in both new productions and in the current repertoire, which is worked out with the assistance of experienced répétiteurs and assistant directors in terms of music and staging. The second goal of the International Opera Studio is to offer weekly lessons from the trained personnel engaged by the opera studio to stipendiaries, lessons encompassing the studies of specific roles, ensemble singing, acting lessons, training in movement and improvisation as well as vocal and language coaching. This intensive education is complemented with masterclasses and workshops largely conceived and carried out by the members and guest performers of the Staatsoper.

Individual advising sessions are regularly held in order to ensure that both studio personnel and the singers themselves can get a good picture of their current level of proficiency, their development and their future career possibilities. These sessions not only give way to a two-way exchange of ideas and experiences but also pave the way for an understanding of the respective steps needed in order to shape the singer’s studies in a way conducive to the goals set by the International Opera Studio.

In addition to their monthly Liz Mohn Kultur- und Musikstiftung stipendium, singers receive a monthly honorarium from the Staatsoper for their participation in productions.