We would like to express our deepest gratitude for our member’s considerable willingness to donate in response to our appeal in support of the 200th anniversary of the Staatsopernchor. Thanks to your generosity, we will not only be able to buy the promised grand piano for the choir, but also to support the anniversary with a total of € 100.000. We will symbolically hand over the grand piano at the festive concert on December 13. We would like to invite you to this event. Under the musical direction of Daniel Barenboim, the choir will perform Franz Schubert’s »Gesang der Geister über den Wassern« and Anton Bruckner’s »Te Deum« together with the Staatskapelle Berlin. In addition, we are planning an exclusive demonstration of the new grand piano for all generous donors.

On Sunday, November 28 at 6 pm Peter Eötvös’ »Sleepless« will celebrate its premiere. Eötvös is one of the most influential figures in the music of our time. The premiere of the commissioned work is also the directorial debut of Hungarian film, drama and opera director Kornél Mundruczó. Be there when the curtain rises for the very first time ever for this piece.

It is with great concern that we observe the highly unfortunate development of the pandemic, but we would like to continue to offer you the opportunity to look behind the scenes of the Staatsoper and to experience special events, as long as it is possible and permitted. Therefor we cordially invite you to »ZwischenTöne« with Victoria Randem and Linard Vrielink. They give voice to the main characters in »Sleepless«, Alida and Asle. Both were scholarship holders of the International Opera Studio of the Staatsoper Unter den Linden. The young soprano joined the Staatsoper ensemble as a soloist this season. Learn more about the work on the production and the progression from the opera studio to the main role in a conversation with dramaturge Jana Beckmann on Wednesday, December 8 at 7 pm. The event will take place on rehearsal stage 2 in the Intendanz building and subject to 2G regulations. In addition, wearing at least a medical mask is also mandatory during the event. Admission is free, but we welcome donations. We ask for registration because the number of seats is limited.

Registration for »ZwischenTöne« on December 8, 2021 via doo

On November 20, the presale of tickets for all events of the remaining season (from February 2022) will start for you as members. Please feel free to use the order form linked below for your ticket requests.

Booking form (76.82 kB, pdf)

We are pleased to present the preview of the 2021/22 season. After fearless, shameless and restless, the 2021/22 season is entitled »sleepless«.

You can look forward to numerous premieres, to being able to experience some of the premieres from the current season in the great hall of the Staatsoper which have only been available as broadcasts so far, to concerts, guest performances, performances by the young ensembles of the State Opera, to long-awaited revivals, the BAROCKTAGE, the FESTTAGE and, in particular, to once again being able to experience opera in all its glory.

In two short videos, Artistic Director Matthias Schulz and General Musical Director Daniel Barenboim give an overview of the upcoming season. You can watch them on the YouTube channel of the Staatsoper. The complete program is available on the Staatsoper’s website. A printed season preview will be sent to you in mid-August.

»Season preview as PDF (10.92 MB, pdf)
»Flip through preview
»Videotrailer of the 2021/22 season

Together with you, we would like to look back on an unusual, rather challenging year 2020, which nevertheless had a lot to offer you as a member. The annual report is available in German and we will be happy to send it to you by post on request. We hope it will evoke as many positive memories of past events for you as it did for us. However, you can already catch a digital glimpse beforehand.

Annual report 202 (5.22 MB, pdf)0 (5.22 MB, pdf)

Seit einiger Zeit bemühen wir uns um sogenannte geschlechtersensible Sprache in unseren Veröffentlichungen. So können Sie in unseren Mitgliederbriefen und Newslettern einen Doppelpunkt an ungewohnter Stelle finden, z.B. bei Musiker:innen der Staatskapelle.

Dies ist ein Versuch, auch sprachlich eine Gleichstellung der Geschlechter auszudrücken und alle Menschen auch im Schriftbild sichtbarer zu machen. Auch diejenigen, die sich keinem binären Geschlecht (männlich oder weiblich) zuordnen können oder wollen.

Uns ist bewusst, dass mit dem sogenannten generischen Maskulinum („Die Musiker der Staatskapelle“) alle Menschen mitgemeint sind. Trotzdem ist es heute, in Zeiten stetigen gesellschaftlichen Wandels, für viele Ohren befremdlich, von z.B. „100 Musikern der Staatskapelle“ zu sprechen, wenn es de facto 50 Musikerinnen und 50 Musiker sind.

Uns ist auch bewusst, dass das sogenannte Gendern das Schriftbild verkompliziert und in den Augen vieler nicht verschönert.

Uns ist es besonders wichtig, in unserer Kommunikation explizit alle Menschen anzusprechen, Frauen wie Männer und jene, die sich nicht als Frau oder Mann bezeichnen können oder wollen.

Bei der Verwendung des Doppelpunktes geht es also im Kern um Repräsentation und Anti-Diskriminierung. Selbstverständlich respektieren wir aber auch jede andere Form der Kommunikation und ordnen nicht-gegenderte Sprache im Umkehrschluss keinesfalls als diskriminierend ein.

Unser Verein orientiert sich am Leitfaden für geschlechtergerechte Sprache des Landes Berlin.

Auch die Staatsoper Unter den Linden hat sich inzwischen für die Schreibweise mit Doppelpunkt in ihren Veröffentlichungen entschieden.

Nicht alle Begriffe lassen sich auf diese Weise grammatikalisch korrekt formulieren. In diesen Fällen greifen wir weiterhin auf die doppelte Nennungzurück, bspw. „Förderinnen und Förderer“ oder „Patinnen und Paten“.

Mit der Nutzung einer gendersensiblen Sprache möchten wir einen Beitrag zur Herstellung der gem. Art. 3 Abs. II, III GG gebotenen Gleichbehandlung von Frauen und Männern im sprachlichen Bereich leisten und das Urteil des Bundesverfassungsgerichtes vom Oktober 2017 (1BvR 2019/16) berücksichtigen, wonach das Diskriminierungsverbot aus Art. 3 III GG auch diejenigen Personen schützt, die sich dauerhaft nicht mit der zweigeschlechtlichen Ordnung identifizieren können oder wollen.

The Artistic Director of the Staatsoper Unter den Linden, Matthias Schulz, asks Arndt and Helmut Andreas Hartwig to focus their many years of successful patronage of the association and the Staatsoper on closely advising the Intendant until 2024. For this reason, Helmut Andreas Hartwig’s membership of the Board of the Friends and Supporters will be suspended.

For decades, Hartwigs have dedicated themselves to the task of voluntarily promoting the common good in the areas of politics, culture and social affairs, both nationally and internationally. They have combined their various activities in the »Arndt and Helmut Andreas Hartwig - Mäzenatische Beratung«. One of the main focuses is to increase the public awareness and importance of opera, concert, ballet and fine arts.

Matthias Schulz and Arndt and Helmut Andreas Hartwig are very much looking forward to a further creative, constructive and trustful cooperation for the Staatsoper Unter den Linden Berlin.

For over a year now, you, dear members, dear audience, have been sorely missed at the Staatsoper Unter den Linden. We miss the shared experiences and conversations at the opera and at many other events very much.

Singers, musicians, all artists and participants in various productions at the Staatsoper and other houses for music, dance and spoken theater do their job out of passion and especially for others. For the audience, for you! Let them know that you, too, miss the performances and everyone involved in them, both in front of and behind the stage. The #kulturhungrig initiative of ten cultural associations of Berlin theaters collects and publishes your word and video messages. Get creative! Send us your greetings and statements as word or video messages to freunde@staatsoper-berlin.de and let us and everyone else know:

  • I miss...
  • Without culture is like...
  • I am hungry for...
  • I look forward to...

Your contributions will be published on our website, on our presences on Facebook and Instagram as well as on the channels of the participating institutions and the specially created Instagram account @kulturhungrig_berlin. The initiative includes the friends of the following Berlin stages:

  • Berliner Ensemble
  • Deutsche Oper Berlin
  • Deutsches Theater Berlin
  • Komische Oper Berlin
  • Komödie am Kurfürstendamm im Schiller Theater
  • Neuköllner Oper Berlin
  • Rundfunk-Sinfonieorchester Berlin
  • Schaubühne am Lehniner Platz
  • Staatsballett Berlin
  • Staatsoper Berlin

Culture is not a nice accessory in our society, but an "intellectual staple" for which we are starving! We support everything that can help to mitigate the consequences of the pandemic for cultural institutions - e.g. pilot projects, bridging, web formats. But most of all, of course, we hope to see you soon.

By sponsoring a seat you help promote all the things that set the Staatsoper apart: spectacular new productions, the Staatskapelle Berlin and the Junge Staatsoper. Musical theatre at the highest international level.
Select your favorite seat and sponsor it. Your sponsorship is the expression of your appreciation for and close relation to our theatre, our ensemble and the Staatskapelle Berlin. Take your seat and enjoy the music being performed in the Staatsoper Unter den Linden once more.

Here you can find more information on the project: brochure (PDF), (447.66 kB, pdf) subscription form (PDF) (173.05 kB, pdf)

Here you can find more information on the project: brochure for US citizens (PDF) (558.59 kB, pdf), subscription form for US citizens (PDF) (257.69 kB, pdf)

You can find more information on the project at WWW.NEHMEN-SIE-PLATZ.DE.

PHOTO GALLERY of the kick-off event at Staatsoper Unter den Linden on 11 November 2016