Der betörende Gesang des Zaubervogels

Kinderopernhaus Lichtenberg

A musical theatre production based on a Tanzanian folktale

The 10th production to come out of the Kinderopernhaus Lichtenberg, »Der betörende Gesang des Zaubervogels« tells a fantastical story about the power of music, inspired by an African folktale. A mysterious bird is causing trouble for a village by stealing the harvest from its fields. The villagers cannot bring themselves to do anything to the bird, as they’re entirely spellbound by its beautiful song. In the end, the children of the village take things into their own hands and set out to stop the bird.

Thirty children aged 10-11 years have been rehearsing intensively since the summer break with the long-established team of musical theatre educators Katharina Tarján (scene development), Jonas Hagen Olejniczak (chorus master) and Jonas Flemmerer (instrument coach). Using the folktale as their starting point, the children worked on and shaped their roles to a large extent themselves and developed musical/rhythmic material through improvisation. The piece also features folk songs and well-known opera tunes.