Ein Porträt des Künstlers als Toter

Music by

Franco Bridarolli

Text by

Davide Carnevali

Based on the fates of musicians and composers who were abducted during the military dictatorship in Argentina (1976–1983), the Italian writer Davide Carnevali, together with the Argentinian composer Franco Bridarolli, has developed a project that evokes the life of a fictional musician.
The literal meaning of the term »privatus« is examined, which in Latin means »separated, deprived«. Under South American dictatorships, those who vanished were named the »desaparecidos.« They were bodies robbed of manifestation, »deprived« existences. Their »evocation as spirits« now dialectically rebalances the destroyed context: the appearance of a spirit deprived of its concrete body becomes the public manifestation of a private tragedy.



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