Fanny! - Wer will mir wehren zu singen?

Music theater with works by Fanny Mendelssohn for people from 8 years onwards by Cordula Däuper and Johannes Müller

»No one gives a hoot about me and no one dances to my tune«, as Fanny Mendelssohn once wrote about her own music. How does it feel not to be able to follow your passion because you are a girl? What’s it like when your younger brother Felix is able to realise his lifelong dream of being a composer? Which horizons open up to children today when they hear Fanny’s music, sing to it and apply it to their own lives? Using the biography of the composer Fanny Mendelssohn as a starting point, 30 children, soloists of the Staatsoper and members of the Staatskapelle perform an evening of music theatre about a little-known artist.
The award-winning Kinderopernhaus Lichtenberg, supported by the Caritasverband für das Erzbistum Berlin e.V, enables children aged between 8 and 12 to bring music theatre to the stage.



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