Im Wald von Toulouse

A musical theatre production by the Kinderopernhaus Marzahn

Since the beginning of the school year, 15 children aged 10-11 years have been meeting every Wednesday at the Hans-Werner-Henze music school with musical theatre educators Nadine Rahimtoola (scene development) and Christina Buk-Grauberger (chorus master) to rehearse »Im Walde von Toulouse«, a musical theatre production they developed themselves that features popular folk songs, children’s songs and classical music. The children worked on shaping the multifaceted personalities of the characters they play and developed musical/rhythmic material through improvisation.
The piece tells the fantastical story of a band of very different children and the exciting adventures they experience on a journey through an enchanted forest. On the way, they learn how to deal with conflict and how to be strong as a group.