With his opera cycle »Der Ring des Nibelungen«, Richard Wagner created a work that was unparalleled throughout his twenty-five years as a composer. The saga in which Wagner realised his idea of a musical drama lasting many hours and performed over three evenings with a prelude, encompasses an inconceivable wealth of thoughts and expression, a true non plus ultra of European opera.

In 2022, Dmitri Tcherniakov staged the tetralogy in a cyclical context, with four premieres in just one week. This production is now returning to the Staatsoper stage and will be played twice as part of the FESTTAGE. In the year of his 200th birthday, Anton Bruckner’s Symphony No. 8 will be played, a monumental 19th-century composition, conducted by Zubin Mehta, the honorary conductor of the Staatskapelle Berlin. In addition, the Opernkinderorchester will once again take part in the FESTTAGEN, performing music by Antonín Dvořák and a world premiere.

PRESALE from Tu 4th April 2023 12.00

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127 (I) / 110 (II) / 87 (III) / 65 (IV) / 40 (V) / 28 (VI) / 17 (VII)

Price in Euro (pricegroupe)
1.100 (I) / 900 (II) / 700 (III) / 500 (IV) / 350 (V) / 200 (VI) / 125 (VII) / 75 (VIII)