Klimakonzert Orchester des Wandels

Dies irae


Giacinto Scelsi

"Okanagon" for Harp, Double Bass and Tamtam (1968)

Heinrich Ignaz Franz Biber

"Battalia" à 10 for strings and basso continuo (1673)

Georg Crumb

Selected movements from "Black Angels. Thirteen Images from the Dark Land" for string quartet (1970)

Michael Hersch

Violin Concerto (2015/2017) (revised version of the 1st movement with new cadence)

Antonio Lotti

"Crucifixus" in D minor for ten voices (1717/19 )

Byzantinischer Gesang zu Psalm 140

(arrangiert für Violine solo von Patricia Kopatchinskja)

Giacinto Scelsi

"Anagamin" for eleven strings (1965)

Galina Ustwolskaja

Composition No. 2 "Dies irae" for eight double basses, percussion and piano (1972/73)

Gregorianischer Hymnus

»Dies irae«