Eugene Onegin, a young aristocrat who seems completely self-absorbed, is tired of the big-city life and travels with his friend Lensky to the countryside to visit his fiancée, Olga. In the idyllic world of the Larina family he encounters the shy Tatyana, who is fully dedicated to her books. The beautiful young girl falls in love with him immediately and confesses her feelings in a letter to him. Onegin rejects her commitment and tears the letter in front of her. Tatyana feels shattered by his cold reaction, and finally Lensky challenges Onegin to a duel, after his friend provoked him by dancing exuberantly with Olga. Years later Onegin meets the elegant and distinguished Tatyana during a soirée, who in the meanwhile is married to Prince Gremin. The tide is turning …

Onegin is one of the most touching ballet stories of the 20th century. With his insightful choreography John Cranko presents a tale of love and the lost opportunities that can cause a bitter turn in life.