25 March 2024 | »ZwischenTöne« with Tomasz Konieczny

Originally, the Polish bass-baritone, one of the most sought-after Wagner interpreters, did not want to sing at all, but to become an actor. However, one of his professors made it a condition that he take singing lessons at the same time. After his first engagement at the Leipzig Opera it became clear that opera singing would determine his professional career. His passion for acting benefits him on stage. He attaches great importance to understanding the direction of a production in order to develop the character further. In the production of »Der Ring des Nibelungen« by Dmitri Tcherniakov, he doesn’t understand everything, but praises the outstanding work of the assistant directors at the Staatsoper Unter den Linden, the marvellous Staatskapelle Berlin, the professional support at the house and is very happy to have made his Staatsoper debut under these excellent conditions with a role as big as that of Wotan and Wanderer in two consecutive cycles.

As an avowed Wagnerian, he would like to inspire other singers to dedicate themselves to these roles in the future. In addition to his career as a singer he is also the director of the Baltic Opera Festival in Sopot, Poland, where he has returned a 5,000-seat covered forest stage to its original purpose. He is, of course, looking forward to welcoming many visitors from Berlin and we would also like to visit him in Sopot this summer. We would like to thank our member the M.M.Warburg for the hospitality.

22 March 2024 | »Der RING im Lichte des deutschen Strafrechts« – A musical-satirical »Ring« afternoon

In an unsparing reappraisal of the »Ring«, the fictional author and Gifhorn district judge Ernst von Pidde gives each character in the tetralogy the punishment for their misdeeds. Whether murder or manslaughter, abduction or theft, arson or cruelty to animals: Wagner's gods, heroes and giants do not giants leave no outrage unturned. After the success of previous years the »Staatsstreicher«, tenor Stephan Rügamer, who plays the role of Mime in the »Ring« production and Staatskapelle’s chief clarinettist Matthias Glander took a musical-satirical look at the tetralogy.

The »Staatsstreicher« have joined forces as a viola quartet to perform in this unusual line-up as the »Comedian Violists« to provide a, sometimes tongue-in-cheek comment on their instrument and the core repertoire of »their« Staatsoper Unter den Linden.

20 March 2024 | »Der witzigste bist Du unter den Weisen« – A soiree with Elias Corrinth

As part of our special programme during the FESTTAGE, solo repetiteur and Wagner expert Elias Corrinth offered a musical introduction to the »Ring«. Where are the musical and textual nuclei of the cycle? Why are the textual flashbacks and repetitions in the »Ring« musically even indispensable from a musical point of view? What is the musical connection between Brünnhilde and Fafner? What is the only leitmotif that does not appear in »Götterdämmerung«? Elias Corrinth answered these and many other questions eloquently and charmingly with musical examples in the Apollosaal.

13 March 2024 | »ZwischenTöne« with Rolando Villazón

Rolando Villazón already visited us in 2022 for the premiere of the new production of »Der Ring des Nibelungen«. This year, even more members were able to take part in this artist talk and learned not only about his path to the role of Loge – Daniel Barenboim had called him and asked him to take part in the new production at the Staatsoper Unter den Linden – but also more from his wealth of experience as a singer, artistic director, writer and artist of life. We learnt that he writes and gets inspired everywhere, that his books are autobiographical and non-autobiographical at the same time, that he feels like a stranger wherever he is and that home is the place where he is. We also we talked about musical education and the importance of art and culture in society. »The best things I experienced in my childhood came from music, literature and art« said Rolando. Music is a universal language, not an addition, but a necessity, Villazón continued. It is the responsibility of all of us to pass this on to future generations. We absolutely agree.

28 November 2023 | Preview Grisebach Winter Auction

Our Young Friends had the special opportunity to take an exclusive tour of the exhibition for the winter auction at Grisebach. Traute Meins, Sandra Espig and Luca Joel Meinert guided our APOLLOS through the four floors, past works by Magritte, Nolde, Beckmann, Chagall, Liebermann and Warhol to the valuable »Karlsruher Skizzenbuch« by Caspar David Friedrich - one of only six surviving copies worldwide. We learned a lot about the art trade in general and the activities of an auction house. We ended the evening in front of the fireplace with wine, conversation and good humor. Many thanks to our APOLLO Luca Joel Meinert and the Grisebach team for the invitation, the great tour and an all-round successful, informative evening.

25. November – 3. December 2023 | Staatskapelle Berlin on tour in Canada and the US

Three conductors, four music centers in North America, six concerts celebrated with standing ovations: this is the summary of the very successful tour in Canada and the USA, which took the Staatskapelle Berlin to Toronto, Chicago, New York and Philadelphia from November 25 to December 3 with the four symphonies by Johannes Brahms. All six concerts were enthusiastically celebrated with huge entusiasm by the audience.

»It was an incredibly great experience for the Staatskapelle Berlin to work with three conductors on an international concert tour in such a dense period of time, all of whom worked out very different and extremely exciting interpretations with the orchestra in a very short space of time. But the wonderful sound of the Staatskapelle Berlin remained. This was ‘spontaneous’ music-making at the very highest level and something that can hardly be planned in this form. The reactions of the audience showed that there was something special in the air. [...]«, says Matthias Schulz.

Some of our members took the opportunity to attend the concerts and so there were rehearsal visits and social encounters in New York with the American Friends, members of the Staatskapelle Berlin and the management of the Staatsoper. We are excited about future concert tours of the Staatskapelle!

November + December 2023 | Guided tour through the exhibition »Edvard Munch. Zauber des Nordens« in the Berlinische Galerie

Together with numerous members, we visited the exhibition »Edvard Munch. Magic of the North« at the Berlinische Galerie. The exhibition comprises around 80 works by Edvard Munch, supplemented by works by other artists.

Under the expert guidance of Thomas Hoffmann, we learned a lot about Edvard Munch’s special relationship with Berlin. At the time, the German capital was gripped by an enthusiasm for all things Nordic. The Berlin Artists’ Association invited the young, still unknown artist to an exhibition in 1892. Viewers were shocked by the bright colors and found the paintings sketchy. Munch was delighted with this attention and lived in the city on and off between 1892 and 1907. Thomas Hoffmann paid particular attention to the frieze of Munch’s life and his engagement with his works, which he called »his children«.He drew and painted his motifs several times, often hanging them himself in the exhibitions and regularly rearranging them in his studio, as their meaning and interaction changed over the years.He even exposed his works to the weather, for example »Die Schneeschipper«, which disappeared from Berlin without a trace during the Second World War, lay fittingly under a layer of snow for one winter. We look forward to further exhibition visits with our members!

17 November 2023 | »ZwischenTöne« … with Christian Thielemann & Matthias Schulz

It has been known since September 27, 2023 that Christian Thielemann will be the new General Music Director of the Staatsoper Unter den Linden from the 2024/25 season. The designated Artistic Director Elisabeth Sobotka said of the appointment: »With Christian Thielemann, one of the most outstanding conductors of our time is taking over from Daniel Barenboim. It is an organic and inspiring transition. [...] I am very much looking forward to our collaboration.«

But how did this decision come about? After all, Christian Thielemann’s first joint appearance was only planned for November 20 and 21, 2023, and the Staatskapelle Berlin had already chosen Christian Thielemann as their preferred candidate well in advance. We learned this first-hand on November 17: it was a very spontaneous coincidence that led to the orchestra and conductor having the opportunity to perform together over a year earlier. In June 2022, conductor Herbert Blomstedt was unfortunately injured and a conductor had to be found on a Saturday for the subscription concerts on the following Monday and Tuesday, for which only one dress rehearsal was scheduled. So artistic director Matthias Schulz sent a fateful text message to Christian Thielemann, with whom he had been in contact for some time, to which he replied »Why not?«. According to Christian Thielemann, it was »love at first sight« with the Staatskapelle Berlin.

There are very few orchestras in the world that have this »very special, dark but not melancholic sound«. And so the Staatskapelle Berlin unexpectedly celebrated its debut with Christian Thielemann on a hot June evening in 2022 with Bruckner’s 7th Symphony and »Isolde's Liebestod«. The energy between orchestra and conductor was already palpable that evening. This laid the foundation for a successful collaboration between orchestra and conductor. In the fall of 2022, Christian Thielemann successfully stepped in for the »Ring« and also took over the Staatskapelle Berlin’s tour of Asia. Christian Thielemann praised Matthias Schulz for making this possible, for his commitment and organizational talent in the house.

During the evening, we also learned why operettas are of central importance to Christian Thielemann, what Herbert von Karajan told him in his younger years and abot his plans with the Staatskapelle Berlin in the coming years. He particularly loves the sound of the orchestra, undoubtedly shaped by the many years of work of Daniel Barenboim, which he wants to preserve and develop further. Which opera he will conduct first and which program he is thinking about for the concerts at the turn of the year, however, remains reserved for those present that day. We are very much looking forward to further encounters with the designated General Music Director!

14 November 2023 | Fundraising-Dinner with Magdalena Kožená & Sir Simon Rattle

On November 14, selected members and guests of Alexandra von Rehlingen-Prinz and Prof. Matthias Prinz were given the opportunity to dine in the presence of Magdalena Kožená & Sir Simon Rattle. In a small circle, the guests also spoke with Matthias Schulz about the enormous importance and necessity of promoting young talent in opera houses and about their eligibility for funding. We are grateful to the hostess and the host for the wonderful invitation to the Loft am Mauerpark!

18 October 2023 | »ZwischenTöne« … with Waltraud Meier

»I have nothing more to say musically. Bye!« Waltraud Meier said goodbye to her audience on October 20 after her last opera performance in the role of Klytämnestra in Richard Strauss’ »Elektra« on the stage of the Staatsoper. Two days earlier, we met the wonderful singer together with dramaturge Christoph Lang for an interview in the orchestra rehearsal hall, where the singer had spent many hours with the Staatskapelle Berlin.

We talked about her beginnings in Würzburg, where she sang with many choirs. Did you know that she called Bayreuth herself and asked for an audition? Wolfgang Wagner asked her to stay. And she stayed. Since then, she has been one of the most sought-after Wagner interpreters. Wagner suits her, she says. During her career, she has greatly appreciated the opportunity to work on the further development of the pieces, to help shape them, which is becoming increasingly difficult today. Of the many people who have influenced and enriched her musical life, she names two »musicians of a lifetime«: Daniel Barenboim and Patrice Chérau. She describes Daniel Barenboim in particular as an »important companion«. Making music with him was »brilliant«. She and he were »like a glove, where you didn’t know who was the hand and who was the shoe«. With him, the least she had to do was look into the pit or at the monitor, that’s how good they understood each other.

Waltraud Meier said of herself that she was in the overjoyed position of having been able to do everything she wanted. That’s why it isn’t so difficult for her to leave the stage, after all, she had said everything there was to say. We thank Waltraud Meier for a magical evening!

15 October 2023 | Open Sunday at Dussmann – Das KulturKaufhaus for the Staatsoper

This year’s open Sunday to benefit the Staatsoper Unter den Linden at Dussmann – Das KulturKaufhaus on October 18, 2023 was dedicated to the International Opera Studio. During the open Sunday, the department store was filled with contributions from choirs and the brass ensemble »Lindenbrass« as well as chamber music from the Orchestra Academy. Of course, scholarship holders from the Opera Studio also presented themselves and gave a taste of their skills. The proceeds of the day went to them. We thank Dussmann – Das KulturKaufhaus for its many years of generous support and cooperation.

12 September 2023 | Guided tour through the Staatsoper with APOLLOS & fritzen

Even for regular opera-goers, it is often astonishing and surprising what has to happen behind the scenes for an evening at the opera to be remembered as a special experience. We also used a tour of the State Opera and the rehearsal center to network our APOLLOS with the fritzen, the young friends of the Prussian Palaces and Gardens, and to exchange ideas. A return visit to the historic sites of Potsdam is scheduled for spring 2024.

5 September 2023 | Fundrainsig Dinner at Max Liebermann Haus

A very special season opening even before the official start of the 2023/24 season at the Staatsoper Unter den Linden awaited our guests on September 5. Thanks to the generous invitation from Berliner Sparkasse to the Max Liebermann Haus at the Brandenburger Tor, we came together to raise funds for the Staatsoper’s International Opera Studio at a charity dinner. The program prepares young, talented singers for an artistically demanding career on the stages of musical theaters.

We enjoyed the wonderful performances by Regina Koncz (soprano), Ekaterina Chayka-Rubinstein (mezzo-soprano) and Friedrich Hamel (bass) from the studio, accompanied by Markus Zugehör. We rounded off the evening with culinary delights and stimulating conversation. We are very much looking forward to seeing these outstanding talents on the Staatsoper stage many times in the coming season and thank Berliner Sparkasse and the donors for such a wonderful evening!

27 June 2023 | General Assembly

We were very pleased about your numerous attendances and the constructive exchange at our general assembly this year. This time, board elections were also on the agenda. Our long-time chairman Ulrich Maas has resigned from his position to have more time for family and private matters. We thank him sincerely for 16 successful years and are pleased that he will remain connected to the association as a member of the board of trustees. We now warmly welcome Christian Alexander Rast (Chairman) and Martina Palte (Treasurer), are very much looking forward to working with them and wish them both much pleasure in carrying out their work for the association and thus also for the Staatsoper Unter den Linden.

9 June 2023 | Berliner Zukunftssalon

Following Barack Obama’s motto: »I’m absolutely confident, that for two years if every nation on earth was run by women, you would see a significant improvement across the board on just about everything« we talked with guests from the fields of politics, start-ups, investment, opera and our association about how women from the fields of culture and business can mutually learn from another and how both industries can benefit from each other. A fabulously exciting discussion that we would like to continue. The event was musically enriched by mezzo-soprano Natalia Skrycka accompanied by Lorenzo di Toro on the grand piano.

18-21 May 2023 | International Opera Weekend in Berlin

During the long Ascension weekend, we invited our APOLLOS as well as young opera fans from all over Europe to the International Opera Weekend in Berlin. Thanks to our cooperation with JUVENILIA, the European network of young opera lovers, almost 60 people followed this invitation. This year’s program included a concert by the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra as well as performances of »Rigoletto«, »La Traviata« and »Der fliegende Holländer«. The extensive musical program was supplemented by visits to the Neue Nationalgalerie and the multimedia exhibition DARK MATTER. We ended the evenings in various bars and restaurants and in some even turned night into day.

7 April 2023 | »The RING in the Light of German Criminal Law« with the Comedian Violists

Together with our members, visitors of the FESTTAGE, the »Staatsstreicher« and Stephan Rügamer with Anke Schüler, we took a musical satirical look at Wagner’s work. In an honest reappraisal of the »Ring«, the fictional author and Gifhorn magistrate Ernst von Pidde gives each character in the tetralogy the punishment they deserve for their misdeeds. Whether murder or manslaughter, kidnapping or theft, arson or cruelty to animals: Wagner’s gods, heroes and giants do not miss a single outrage. The »Staatsstreicher« have joined forces as a viola quartet to provide a sometimes humorous commentary on their instrument and the regular repertoire of »their« Staatsoper Unter den Linden. Thus, they accompany Pidde’s text with music from the »Ring«, »Der fliegende Holländer«, »Lohengrin«, »Parsifal« but also »Der Rosenkavalier« and »Don Giovanni«. As always, a delight! We will repeat this enjoyable event at the FESTTAGE 2024.

4 April 2023 | English introduction to the RING with Christoph Lang

We thank dramaturge Christoph Lang for giving an introduction to Dmitri Tcherniakov’s »Ring« concept for the American Friends of the Staatsoper Unter den Linden and other English-speaking guests.

3 April 2023 | »The Funniest You Are Among the Wise« with Elias Corrinth

The solo répétiteur and Wagnerian connoisseur Elias Corrinth offered our members and visitors of the »Ring« a musical introduction to the »Ring des Nibelungen«. Where is the musical and textual core of the cycle? Why are the textual retrospectives and repetitions in the »Ring« even indispensable from a musical point of view? Why is the quarrel of the queens in front of the cathedral missing in the »Götterdämmerung«? How does the music of »Siegfried« sound before and after the Tristan intermission? What is the musical connection between Brünnhilde and Fafner? What is the only leitmotif that does not appear in »Götterdämmerung«? We learned all this and much more thanks to the wonderful Elias Corrinth who narrated, sang and played for almost two hours. We are very excited to be able to offer this event again, albeit with new accents, on the occasion of the revival of the »Ring des Nibelungen« in March 2024. Information can be found here.

17 February 2023 | »ZwischenTöne« with Elīna Garanča

On the occasion of the performances of »Samson et Dalila« we had the great pleasure to talk to Latvian mezzo-soprano Elīna Garanča. In the ballet hall, the singer, who comes from a musical family, told us about her beginnings in Latvia, her experience with her mother as a singing teacher, her German debut at the Staatstheater Meiningen, and we spoke about the development of her fabulous career as one of the most sought-after and charismatic artists of our time. She would now gradually say goodbye to many roles. »In performing roles, I have told everything there was to tell« said Elīna Garanča. However, she is very much looking forward to opening up new roles such as Amneris in »Aida«, which can be seen at the Staatsoper Unter den Linden from October 3, 2023, Kundry in »Parsifal« or Judith in »Herzog Blaubarts Burg«. With great passion, the singer dedicates herself to the development of young singing talents and also sees her future there. »As a singer, I too have a half-life« she said. Now we hope that this is far from being reached!

3 February 2023 | Berliner Zukunftssalon

Thanks to the climate policy commitment of our member Jochen Wermuth, we were able to invite selected groups of members to the first Berliner Zukunftssalon in Berlin Mitte. Themed »Berlin 2030: digital, efficient, climate neutral, fair and competitive«, current socio-political topics were discussed by and with Senator Bettina Jarasch, among others. Musical highlights were presented by a quintet of the Orchestra Academy at the Staatskapelle Berlin. We thank Jochen Wermuth for the invitation and look forward to further events in the series.

January/February 2023 | Production attendance »Daphne« as part of »Opera Unlimited«

As part of »Opera Unlimted«, our Young Friends and young interested people under the age of 30 are given deep insights into individual productions. In the 2022/23 season, we accompanied, among other things, the new production of Strauss’ »Daphne« directed by Romeo Castellucci. During the piano rehearsal we attended, the director was still experimenting, singers suddenly appeared from the other side of the stage, requisites were moved and placed differently, fundamental decisions were made. In a later rehearsal with the orchestra, partly in costume, the details were worked out: the contact of the singers to the conductor must be guaranteed throughout, which required changes in the scenery here and there, the dynamics were polished – it was now a matter of the interplay of staging and music. After the rehearsal, Thomas Guggeis was available for a short Q&A. He was in charge of the musical direction and patiently answered all questions of all participants in great detail. We also offered a visit to the dress rehearsal a few days before the premiere. We would like to thank everyone who made the rehearsal visits possible and Thomas Guggeis for his time following a very intense evening rehearsal.

22 November 2022 | »ZwischenTöne« with Sarah Aristidou

In the Old Orchestra Rehearsal Hall, charmingly lit and atmospheric, we were pleased to welcome Sarah Aristidou for a conversation in our »ZwischenTöne« series. In conversation with chief dramaturge Detlef Giese, the soprano with Cypriot-French roots provided deep insights into her path from the International Opera Studio at the Staatsoper Unter den Linden to the great stages of Europe. At the time of the event, Sarah Aristidou was in the intensive rehearsal phase for Mozart’s »Mitridate, Re di Ponto«, introducing the guests to the directorial concept and raving about the “humanistic, loving production” directed by Satoshi Miyagi. Her early dream was to sing Tosca or Carmen, but she developed into an excellent coloratura soprano. Aristidou discovered her penchant for new music during her time at the opera studio. With ÆTHER she released her first CD in 2021, a project she realized entirely on her own and always with a focus on sustainability, also with the financial help of the Friends & Supporters. On the concept album she plays with styles, times and composers. One can find collaborations with Thomas Guggeis, Daniel Barenboim and the Orchester des Wandels on it. In the same year she released her first EP S'AGAPO, combining Cypriot folk songs with electronic music. She didn’t let our guests leave into the evening without a taste of her skills and presented a very moving a cappella folk song. We thank Sarah Aristidou and Detlef Giese for their time and openness.

16 October 2022 | Open Sunday in aid of the Staatsoper at Dussmann – Das KulturKaufhaus

A colourful program at three locations in the KulturKaufhaus accompanied countless people as they shopped on this open Sunday. On the Kulturbühne in the basement, the singers of the International Opera Studio presented themselves in conversation and with songs. Musicians from the Orchestra Academy also performed chamber music. The wind quintet of the Orchestra Academy and the oboe trio of the Staatskapelle Berlin played from the bridge in the atrium. The sound of numerous voices from the children’s and Apollo choirs also filled the department store. In the children’s section, members of the Staatskapelle Berlin presented their instruments to curious children and interested parents. A wheel of fortune raffle, a game and a handicraft activity of the in-house KulturManufaktur completed the offer. We would like to thank all customers whose purchases supported the 25th anniversary of the Orchestra Academy, to which the day’s proceeds will go.

14 October 2022 | »ZwischenTöne« with Rolando Villazón

On the occasion of the RING cycles in October and November this year, we were able to win Rolando Villazón for an artist talk in our series »ZwischenTöne«. He talked about his collaboration with Dmitri Tcherniakov, who restaged Wagner’s RING for the Staatsoper in 2022, about the development of his role as Loge, among others together with Graham Clark and Stephan Rügamer, as well as his work as director, artistic director and author. We thank our corporate member M. M. Warburg & Co for inviting us to its premises.

4 September 2022 | Opening Celebration for the 2022/23 Season

The Staatsoper Unter den Linden started the 2022/23 season with a musically colourful opening celebration. The Staatskapelle Berlin, ensemble members, the Orchestra Academy, the International Opera Studio as well as the horn group of the Opera Children’s Orchestra, the choirs of the Staatsoper and the Staatsballett Berlin presented their skills in the Great Hall and in the courtyard of the Intendanzgebäude. There was also a costume exhibition in the Apollosaal and regular tours of the opera house and rehearsal center. We took the opportunity to get together with our Young Friends, the APOLLOS to toast the new season with a small wine reception, among other things.

8 July 2022 | Benefit summer evening at Villa Jacobs


At the beginning of July, Marianne and Stefan Ludes once again opened their home for a benefit summer evening. Idyllically situated on the shores of Lake Jungfernsee, the Villa Jacobs library provided space for an exclusive, downright intimate concert. Jiyoon Lee, 1st concertmaster of the Staatskapelle Berlin joined pianist Elisaveta Blumina to present two musically quite different sonatas for violin and piano, one by Mozart and one by Ravel. Ensemble member Victoria Randem, accompanied by Matthias Samuil, took the guests on a very emotional, moving journey with Grieg’s song cycle »HAUGTUSSA« (The Girl from the Mountains) and was only released after two encores for the evening. We would like to thank the host couple Ludes very much for this unforgettable evening for the benefit of the International Opera Studio and all guests who donated for this cause.

1 – 3 July 2022 | International Opera Weekend

After a forced break of two years, we were finally able to invite young opera fans to an International Opera Weekend in Berlin together with Juvenilia, the European Network of Young Opera Friends. Almost 30 young opera fans under 35 years of age from all over Europe accepted the invitation. In addition to performance visits of Puccini’s »La fanciulla del West« and »Turandot«, the program also included an architectural and historical tour around and about the Potsdamer Platz as well as a night tour of the opera house and the rehearsal center. Restaurant and bar visits rounded out the event. Another highlight was the opportunity to briefly go on stage after the performance of »La fanciulla del West« and take a group photo with the cast. We thank everyone who helped make this possible!

26 June 2022 | Richard Wagner in Berlin

With dramaturge Christoph Lang, we went on a search for Wagner’s places of work and walked through the center of Berlin. Starting at the Bundestag, where we discussed the copyright of Wagner’s works, we continued to the current location of the Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin on Unter den Linden, where we learned more about the extensive collection of Wagner’s theoretical writings, which are to be understood as the superstructure of his musical work. Passing today’s Konzerthaus on Gendarmenmarkt, where the first performance of a Wagner work in Berlin took place in 1844 with »Der fliegende Holländer«, we continued to the site of the historic Victoria Theater on the corner of Münzstraße and Rosa-Luxemburg-Straße, where the »Ring« was first performed in Berlin in 1881. Of course, Berlin-related anecdotes from the private lives of Cosima and Richard Wagner were not to be missed.

For those who could not join:

The walk includes a total of 10 stations between Tiergarten and Alexanderplatz and can be walked independently as an audio tour. The information on the individual stations is available as an audio file on the website of the Staatsoper Unter den Linden.

» Audiowalk »Wagners Berlin«

18 + 19 June 2022 | Staatsoper für Alle

At last, STAATSOPER FÜR ALLLE lived up to its name again – because it was for everyone who simply dropped by, with no restrictions on seating capacity or even ticket requirements, and with the most beautiful summer weather as well as free admission. On Saturday evening, the premiere of the new production of Puccini’s »Turandot« with its powerful images and voices was broadcast on the big screen on Bebelplatz and celebrated there just as enthusiastically as in the house. This was followed on Sunday by the traditional live concert of the Staatskapelle Berlin, conducted by Daniel Barenboim. The program with symphonies by Schumann and Tchaikovsky was celebrated with standing ovations and was complemented with the »Polonaise« from Tchaikovsky’s opera »Eugene Onegin« as an encore.

13 June 2022 | General Assembly

At this year’s annual General Assembly, we looked back on a Corona-related but nevertheless successful year 2021, and ahead to upcoming major projects. The board was unanimously discharged by the numerous members present, and after musical contributions by members of the Orchestra Academy, we ended the evening with a reception and numerous nice conversations in the Apollosaal.

12 June 2022 | The »Ring« at the Staatsoper Unter den Linden

The »Ring« tetralogy has a long tradition at the house. In an informative but no less passionate lecture, chief dramaturge Detlef Giese gave an overview of the history of the »Ring des Nibelungen« at the Hof- and Staatsoper Unter den Linden from the 1880s to the present day. The contribution was complemented and accompanied by projected images and recorded sounds from all of the house’s »Ring« productions. A short coffee break was followed by a tour of the rehearsal center, where preparations for the new production of Wagner’s »Ring« were already in full swing.

29 May 2022 | On Wagner’s Instrumentation

Another event in our special Wagner program took a very close look at the instrumentation of Wagner’s »Ring«. Together with musicians from the Staatskapelle Berlin, dramaturge Christoph Lang analysed the diverse sound world of the »Ring«. Short motifs of violin, double bass, percussion, horn and clarinet were presented as examples. Of course, the Wagner tuba and anvils were not to be missed. In one and a half hours, the audience thus gained a detailed insight into the musical peculiarities of what is probably Richard Wagner’s greatest work.

22 May 2022 | Festive benefit concert

On Wagner’s birthday, our members enjoyed a benefit concert by Gabriela Scherer, Natalia Skrycka and Michael Volle for the new production of Wagner’s »Der Ring des Nibelungen«. Accompanied by Klaus Sallmann at the piano, the singers presented selected arias and songs of the great composer and took our guests on an extraordinary musical journey through Wagner’s oevre from »Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg« to the »Ring«. At the subsequent reception, not only Richard Wagner’s birthday was celebrated, but also the upcoming 30th anniversary of the Association of Friends & Supporters.

26 April 2022 | Friends & Supporters at »CouchKultur«

After the digital edition in 2021, some events of the talk series »CouchKultur« took place in presence this year. We invited members of the network Junge Kulturvereine Berlin to the old orchestra rehearsal hall of the Staatsoper to listen to an exciting conversation on the topic of »The International Opera Studio – talent factory of future singing stars« and to ask their own questions. Boris Anifantakis, director of the studio, and mezzo-soprano Anna Kissjudit, a member and scholarship holder of the studio, spoke about its concept and development, the content of the teaching and revealed one or two anecdotes. Of course, the guests were not dismissed into the evening without also hearing Anna sing.


After a two-year break, the FESTTAGE were fortunately able to take place again this year in their usual setting. From April 6 to 17, 2022, they were entirely dedicated to Mozart. As part of the accompanying special program, we welcomed Vincent Huguet, director of the Mozart-Da Ponte cycle consisting of »Cosí fan tutte«, »Le nozze di Figaro« and »Don Giovanni«, to our talk format »ZwischenTöne« in the Apollosaal. We also repeatedly offered guided tours of the permanent exhibition of the Neue Nationalgalerie and a walking tour through the historic Berlin. Guided tours of the Dorotheenstädtischer Friedhof with a visit to the James Turrell Light House and the Brecht-Weigel Museum rounded off the extensive program.

4 April 2022 | Presentation 2022/23 Season

Every year, our members get an exclusive program presentation of the next season by Matthias Schulz, Intendant of the Staatsoper Unter den Linden. This year this could finally take place again in presence in the Apollosaal. Moderated by Petra Gute, Matthias Schulz and chief dramaturge Detlef Giese presented the highlights of the opera and concert program for the 2022/23 season. For the talk about the new production of Wagner’s »Der Ring des Nibelungen«, they were joined by Michael Volle, who will play the role of Wotan. Smaller musical contributions came from Anna Kissjudit, who is moving from the International Opera Studio to the Staatsoper’s soloists ensemble for the 2022/23 season and will take on the role of Erda in the »Ring« right at the beginning of the season, and the horn section of the Opera Children’s Orchestra. At the reception that followed, we ended the evening with our members.

10 February 2022 | Die Winterreise

At the beginning of the year, our Master Builder Sandra Mann invited to an exclusive concert in Potsdam. In the venerable Palais am Stadthaus, in keeping with the wintry cold weather, the guests enjoyed Schubert’s »Winterreise«, performed by baritone Michael Volle and Intendant Matthias Schulz at the piano. At the reception that followed, all guests took advantage of the opportunity to exchange ideas. The proceeds of this benefit concert went to the new production of Wagner’s »Der Ring des Nibelungen«. We would like to sincerely thank Sandra Mann for the invitation and the magical evening in Potsdam, as well as all donors for their contribution.

8 December 2021 | »ZwischenTöne« with Victoria Randem & Linard Vrielink

On December 8, 2021, we welcomed Victoria Randem and Linard Vrielink, who give voice to the main characters Alida and Asle in »Sleepless«, to digital »ZwischenTöne«. In conversation with dramaturge Jana Beckmann, the two former fellows of the International Opera Studio were full of praise for the production in general, and in particular with regard to their collaboration with composer Peter Eötvös and director Kornél Mundruczó. They spoke about their emotionally demanding roles, their handling of tension and pressure before the premiere on November 28, 2021, and their progression from the opera studio to their respective leading roles. Dramaturge Jana Beckmann also spoke about her work, comparing repertory pieces and world premieres. We sincerely thank our three interviewees for their time and their openness.

October & November 2021 | Guided tours Neue Nationalgalerie

On four days, we welcomed our members to a total of eight exclusive guided tours through the permanent exhibition »The Art of Society« of the reopened Neue Nationalgalerie. Our guide Thomas R. Hoffmann designed the tour especially for us. In his approximately one-hour tour, the focus was on works in which either the biography of the artist or the artwork being viewed resonated with relationships to music. Among other things, the tour dealt with the triad in the Bauhaus and in painting, as well as Rudolf Belling’s sculpture »Dreiklang« (Triad). Works by Belling, Kandinsky, Picasso, Beckmann, Dix and Kirchner – to name just a few of the artists currently on display in the permanent exhibition in Mies van der Rohe’s newly restored iconic museum building – were juxtaposed with German Expressionism and French Cubism. The classification in socio-political contexts of the time of origin opened the eyes for the respective work. And those who really see understand better.

We thank Thomas R. Hoffmann from the bottom of our hearts for the guided tour he developed, for his time, for the lively and interesting mediation and for answering every question about any work in the exhibition.

30 October 2021 | Opera Dinners Berlin Edition

On October 30, another Berlin Edition of Opera Dinners took place, to which we invited our Young Friends. After the success in fall 2019, our member and former Apollo Felix Elkmann invited young opera fans to a matinée in the Apollosaal and to a soirée in Clärchens Ballhaus. At 12 noon, things got underway in the Apollosaal with “Champagne & Currywurst”. “The Phantom of the Opera” was the theme of the dinner, which began at 8 pm in the Hall of Mirrors of Clärchen’s Ballhaus - stylishly dressed in Venetian masks and evening gowns. Musical contributions by young artists from all over the world rounded off both program items.

We thank Felix Elkmann for the great concept, which connects especially young people in this extraordinary way with the (state) opera world and for the organization, we thank all the artists for partly traveling so far, and also all guests who made the day so special.

17 October 2021 | Open sunday for the Staatsoper at Dussmann - Das KulturKaufhaus

On October 17, a good tradition was continued at the open Sunday for the benefit of the Staatsoper at Dussmann – Das KulturKaufhaus. From 1 pm to 6 pm, artists from the Staatsoper performed on the KulturBühne and in the open atrium. LindenBrass, the brass ensemble of the Staatskapelle Berlin, played pieces ranging from Mozart to jazz, the woodwind section of the Opernkinderorchester (Opera Children’s Orchestra) presented itself and chief dramaturge Detlef Giese elicited interesting facts and anecdotes from choir director Martin Wright about this year’s 200th anniversary and his work with the Staatsopernchor. On the KulturBühne, our Board of Curators member Marianne Ludes presented her newly published book »Ludwig Jacobs oder das verschwundene Leben«, with references to Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy, who left many traces in Berlin as a composer and conductor. Afterwards, Detlef Giese and two talents from the International Opera Studio read and sang letters and songs by Clara and Robert Schumann, before a discussion with artistic director Matthias Schulz about the BAROCKTAGE 2021 concluded the program. We would like to thank all customers whose purchases support the choir’s anniversary, to which the day’s proceeds will go.

To photo galery

18 & 19 September 2021 | Staatsoper für Alle

The 15th edition of STAATSOPER FÜR ALLE on Bebelplatz welcomed 4,000 guests on both days. Since the beginnings of STAATSOPER FÜR ALLE in 2007, admission has always been free of charge.

On Saturday evening, the audience premiere of the new production of Mozart’s »Le nozze di Figaro« in the production of Vincent Huguet and under the musical direction of Daniel Barenboim was broadcast live outside on Bebelplatz. On Sunday, the live concert with the Staatskapelle Berlin and the Staatsopernchor, conducted by Martin Wright and Daniel Barenboim, celebrated its 200th anniversary. To mark the anniversary, the concert program included great opera choruses from Richard Wagner’s »Tannhäuser« and »Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg«, Carl Maria von Weber’s »Der Freischütz« and Giuseppe Verdi’s »Macbeth«, followed by Robert Schumann’s Symphony No. 2. The concert was also streamed live worldwide at www.staatskapelle-berlin.de and www.staatsoper-berlin.de.

18 September 2021 | Benefit Soiree in Dreieich

As last year, Sonja Fuhrmann and Holger Röder invited to a musical soiree at their home in Dreieich. The musical highlights were set by mezzo-soprano Anna Kissjudit and tenor Magnus Dietrich, both members of the International Opera Studio, accompanied by Markus Zugehör on the grand piano. The program included songs by Hugo Wolf and Richard Wagner, among others, well-known pieces from the current opera repertoire of the Staatsoper Unter den Linden and, at the end, wonderful operetta sounds.

The proceeds of the evening will be used to support young singing talents at the Staatsoper Unter den Linden. We thank the hosts from the bottom of our hearts for bringing the State Opera to Hesse every year with this format.

7 September 2021 | Benefit Concert with KlimaSalon

Our patrons Alexandra Kornilova and Jochen Wermuth do not only care about music. They are also committed to a future-oriented climate policy. On September 7, 2021, Alexandra Kornilova and Jochen Wermuth once again invited us to a benefit concert, this time followed by a Climate Salon in Berlin-Mitte.

We were enchanted by a concert of the 1st Concertmaster of the Staatskapelle Berlin Jiyoon Lee accompanied by pianist Yannick Rafalimanana and Anna Kissjudit, mezzo-soprano in the International Opera Studio, who was accompanied by Markus Zugehör on the piano.

We sincerely thank the hosts as well as all dedicated donors for the proceeds totaling just over € 20.000, which will benefit the Orchester des Wandels and the Staatsoper Unter den Linden's new »Sustainable Listening« format.

5 September 2021 | Walk through the historical Berlin

On September 5, we took a walk through baroque Berlin in beautiful late summer weather. Chief dramaturge Detlef Giese led us through the historic center of the city, past important monuments and places steeped in history. On the tour from the Staatsoper and the buildings on Bebelplatz, on to Gendarmenmarkt and the Französische Friedrichstadtkirche, over to the Ribbeckhaus and the new building of the Stadtschloss with its historicizing façade, a little way along the Spree to Dorotheenstadt, to the Zeughaus and back to the Staatsoper, the Berlin of the 17th and 18th centuries, of the Brandenburg Electors and Prussian Kings became tangible. We sincerely thank Detlef Giese for his time and his detailed explanations, in which he excitingly connected political and musical history of the city.

30 August 2021 | General Assembly

We were very pleased about your numerous participation in the General Assembly and the subsequent exchange in the Apollosaal. The Board was unanimously discharged by the members for the years 2019 and 2020, Ulrich Maas was confirmed as chairman and Tanja Müller-Ziegler was elected as new deputy chairwoman. We would also like to welcome Oliver Renner, Head of Communications Pharmaceuticals, Bayer AG, as a new member of the Board of Curators.

We would like to thank the harpist Güneş Hizlilar from the Orchestra Academy at the Staatskapelle Berlin for the enchanting musical performance.

28 August 2021 | »ZwischenTöne« with Aleksandra Kurzak & Roberto Alagna

On August 27, 2021, we had the pleasure of meeting two greats of the opera world in person: Two days before the revival of »Madama Butterfly« at the Staatsoper Unter den Linden, we chatted with soprano Aleksandra Kurzak and tenor Roberto Alagna, who performed the roles of Cio-Cio-San and Benjamin Franklin Pinkerton. During the conversation moderated by Benjamin Wäntig, dramaturge at the State Opera, and the subsequent dinner at the Hotel Adlon Kempinski, we learned that »Madama Butterfly« is Aleksandra Kurzak’s favorite opera and that the role of Cio-Cio-San touched her even more deeply after the birth of her daughter. Roberto Alagna told us how he feels about the role of B. F. Pinkerton and that Giacomo Puccini could not possibly have composed such wonderful music for a character if there was not a spark of goodness in him. The two also talked about the life of a family where six languages are spoken, and which does justice to the operatic life of the parents, as well as the compulsory schooling of the daughter. Among other things, they also revealed who sings at home all the time and who doesn’t. If you missed the »ZwischenTöne« and »Madama Butterfly«, we can reassure you: We will soon see the two likeable superstars again at the Staatsoper Unter den Linden. Only details we are not allowed to reveal yet.

14 June 2021 | Digital guided tour theme path »Beethoven | Freedom«

The Deutsches Historisches Museum (German Historical Museum) used the Beethoven anniversary year 2020 as an opportunity to take a look at the tense relationship between »Beethoven | Freedom« in a new thematic path in the permanent exhibition. Six stations addressed the political and ideological appropriation of Beethoven’s work and life as well as his concept of freedom and how this was reflected in his music. Education referent Daniel Sauer showed and explained to us in a digital guided tour performance posters and never seen before exhibits, such as a manuscript score of the »Marseillaise« and the invitation card to Beethoven’s funeral. An auricle-shaped setup illustrated how Beethoven used ear trumpets, conversation books, and a 19th-century innovation - the metronome - to try to maintain control of his works despite declining hearing. Other elements such as music and superimposed objects of comparison were used, via a tool we were able to fill in a tag cloud, took part in a small survey, and all our questions did not go unanswered either. We would like to thank the German Historical Museum and Mr. Sauer very much for their cooperation.

7 May 2021 | 2nd Livestream concert with members of the Orchestra Academy

Seven talented young musicians from the Orchestra Academy took the stage in the auditorium of our corporate member Bayer AG for an exquisite chamber concert for the second time on May 7. In a worldwide livestream, people on almost every continent followed the concert. Thus, the audience totaled nearly 21,700 people. You can watch the recording at any time on YouTube.

31 March 2021 | »ZwischenTöne« with Vincent Huguet and Dr. Detlef Giese

On the evening before the premiere of the production »LE NOZZE DI FIGARO« was broadcast on Mezzo-TV and via online stream on the website of the Staatsoper, we welcomed director Vincent Huguet and dramaturge Dr. Detlef Giese to an exclusive digital introduction to the work as part of our event series »ZwischenTöne« via Zoom. In a relaxed conversation, they explained the concept of the three-part Mozart-Da Ponte cycle consisting of »COSÌ FAN TUTTE«, »LE NOZZE DI FIGARO« and »DON GIOVANNI«, which is reinterpreted scenically by Vincent Huguet and musically by Maestro Barenboim. First pictures gave a deep insight into the directorial handwriting of the production. Members of all contribution groups were cordially invited to participate in this informative and sympathetic discussion. We thank Detlef Giese and Vincent Huguet for their time and this wonderful digital evening.

5 March 2021 | Livestream-Concert with members of the Orchestra Academy

Promoting young talent is an important part of the cultural commitment of our company member Bayer AG, because today’s young talents are the future of Germany’s and the world’s diverse cultural landscape. At present, these talents lack the opportunity to practice and consolidate their skills in front of an audience.

That’s why on Friday, March 5, 2021, the Group was giving members of the Orchestra Academy of the Staatskapelle Berlin the stage in the auditorium of the Berlin site. The rousing concert with varied instrumentation was available in a worldwide livestream and with over 12,000 people reached, it was a complete success. The artists themselves guided through the program with special features and personal anecdotes about the pieces.

We thank Bayer AG for the commitment and this wonderful performance opportunity for the young academy members.

The concert is still available on YouTube.

2 March 2021 | The Friends and Supporters at »CouchKultur«

As part of the network Junge Kulturvereine Berlin, we invited our Apollos in particular to the online talk series »CouchKultur«. In eight consecutive weeks (from February 23 to April 13, 2021), associations from various institutions presented themselves and gave insight into the cultural diversity of the city.

Under the topic »The Orchestra Academy – Tradition and Future of the Staatskapelle Berlin«, the Friends and Supporters gave a detailed and very personal insight into the talent factory. Andrea Bautista Pamplona from the coordination team of the Orchestra Academy told something about the genesis of the program as well as its special features and contents. Academy members Jamie White (bassoon) and Friedemann Slenczka (viola) shared their first-hand experiences of what makes the program special for them and how important the Academy’s support has been for the young talents, especially in the past year.

We would like to sincerely thank the three for the exciting and informative conversation as well as the detailed stories and answers to the many questions of the numerous participants.

12 February 2021 | Exchange with Artistic Director Matthias Schulz and online introduction to »JENŮFA« by dramaturge Benjamin Wäntig

On February 12, we invited members of all membership levels to another exchange with Artistic Director Matthias Schulz. Via the online platform Zoom, he reported in detail on the challenges of preparing the television and radio premiere of Leoš Janáček’s »JENŮFA« on February 13, 2021 under strict hygiene regulations and the impact on artists who have not been allowed to perform in front of or for an audience for a year. Even though no public events are allowed to take place in the Staatsoper until March 31, 2021, Matthias Schulz gave a small spark of hope for shortened and reduced FESTTAGE and the two still upcoming premieres of this season to those digitally present. Our members and all interested parties can expect the program preview for the 2021/2022 season at the beginning of June 2021.

Following on from Matthias Schulz’s report on the preparations for the premiere of »JENŮFA«, dramaturge Benjamin Wäntig presented this early opera by Janáček in more detail. Through ten years of work on the work, »JENŮFA« gives an insight into the compositional workshop of the Czech. Benjamin Wäntig clarified musical peculiarities as well as those of the literary model, explained why Czech operas cannot simply be sung as a German translation, and what connection Sir Simon Rattle, the production’s musical director, has to Janáček.

We sincerely thank Matthias Schulz and Benjamin Wäntig for their time and openness to all the questions posed.

18 December 2020 | Digital Opera Night

Shortly before Christmas, the Digital Opera Night was an entertaining conclusion to our digital offerings for Young Friends. Opera Dinners, an initiative of our Apollo Felix Elkmann, invited to this digitally cozy get-together via Zoom. Musical contributions by artists from all over the world, including Anna Kissjudit, mezzo-soprano and member of the International Opera Studio of the Staatsoper, contributed to this convivial, long and at the same time very entertaining evening. The association also auctioned off an exclusive visit to a performance in the Artistic Director’s Box.

3 October 2020 | Artsy Opera Aperitivo

For our Apollos Felix Elkmann organized an 3 October 2020 | Art&Antique Potsdam. At an aperitivo, young talents of the opera world with international stage experience could be experienced, who presented classics of the opera world from Bizet to Puccini to Lehár and Strauss. There were also opportunities for exchange and networking.

Beautiful weather as well as a first-class culinary and musical offer invited to stay in the idyllic inner courtyard. We would like to thank Felix Elkmann for the invitation to the Palais am Stadthaus in Potsdam and for his warm hospitality.

3 October 2020 | Art&Antique Potsdam

At the exclusive art and antiques salon Art&Antique you could admire modern and contemporary art as well as paintings and graphics, antiques, jewelry, design and art deco. After a personal welcome by hostess Sandra Mann, questions about exhibits of the 17 exhibitors did not go unanswered.

Beautiful weather as well as a first-class culinary and musical offer invited to stay in the idyllic inner courtyard. We would like to thank Sandra Mann for the invitation to the Palais am Stadthaus in Potsdam and for her warm hospitality.

23 August 2020 | Matinee with Andreas Schager, Lidia Baich and Klaus Saalmann

This summer you were offered another special highlight: Our board of trustees member and long-standing association member Holger Röder and Sonja Fuhrmann invited you to a musical matinee in support of the Staatsoper Unter den Linden in Dreieich near Frankfurt am Main on August 23, 2020. Heldentenor Andreas Schager, exceptional violinist Lidia Baich and pianist Klaus Sallmann performed selected works by Richard Wagner, Ludwig van Beethoven and Richard Strauss.

Watch now | Musical greeting by the Staatskapelle Berlin before the summer break

As a thank you for your continued commitment to the Friends and Supporters of the Staatsoper, the Staatskapelle Berlin has recorded an exclusive musical greeting for you before the summer break. The link to this recording of the "Kegelstatt-Trio" by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is available here:

Watch the video

13 July 2020 | Visit of the Beethoven exhibition at the Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin

On July 13, 2020, we invited you to a joint visit to the Beethoven exhibition in the Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin, which we had actually planned to visit on the FESTTAGE 2020. Exclusively for you as a member of the Friends and Supporters of the Staatsoper, the Staatsbibliothek at Unter den Linden opened its doors to us on this Monday. On this day you had the opportunity to visit the exhibition on the occasion of the Beethoven Year 2020 individually and to have a look at the unique autographs of the Beethoven Collection.

27 June 2020 | Open-air charity summer evening at the Villa Jacobs

On 27 June 2020 Marianne and Stefan Ludes once again invited our members of the membership levels donors, patrons and master builders to an open air charity summer evening in the Villa Jacobs. With the annual evening in the Villa Jacobs, which has become a tradition in the meantime, Mrs. and Mr. Ludes have set a sign that music and art can and will continue despite Corona. The donations will go to the children's opera orchestra and the children's opera house Berlin. We would like to thank them for their active support!

The string quartet of the opera children's orchestra played that evening. Afterwards you had the opportunity to experience wonderful arias and duets from operas from Mozart to Puccini with soprano Evelin Novak, baritone Gyula Orendt and the string trio of the Staatskapelle Berlin. Afterwards Marianne and Stefan Ludes invited to dinner in a picturesque atmosphere in the rose-decorated garden. We would like to thank you for this wonderful evening together with Marianne and Stefan Ludes, Matthias Schulz and the Friends of the State Opera!

12 June 2020 | Digital meeting of the Young Friends with dramaturge Dr. Detlef Giese

On 12 June 2020 at 6 pm, Dr. Detlef Giese, head of the dramaturgy at the Staatsoper Unter den Linden, was our guest. He introduced us to the current online concert programme and gave us an exclusive insight into his daily business at the Staatsoper. So anyone who has always wanted to know how a programme is actually produced, what artistic highlights await us in the coming season, perhaps wondering what a dramaturge is up to all day long and/or simply wanted to see the Young Friends again, was in for a treat at this event.

Afterwards at 7 pm there was the opportunity to watch the wonderful digital concert programme, on 12 June 2020 with a very special line-up! Members of the Staatskapelle Berlin performed Camille Saint-Saëns Carnival of the Animals, actor Jan Josef Liefers performed, Polina Semionova danced the swan and Thomas Guggeis and Daniel Barenboim could be heard at the piano.

17 May 2020 | Digital ZwischenTöne with baritone Michael Volle

It was a special pleasure for us to continue this year's ZwischenTöne series with baritone Michael Volle. Especially in times when we have to do without the opera at the Staatsoper, we wanted to invite you to continue the look behind the scenes of the opera world with us! In an exclusive conversation on the internet platform Zoom, baritone Michael Volle has given us an exciting insight into his Ouevre. His most recent performances at the Staatsoper were in »Die Lustigen Weiber von Windsor« and »Samson et Dalila«.

Insta-Live with Anita Rachvelishvili on the Instagram account of the Staatsoper Unter den Linden

Anita Rachvelishvili has made up for the previous ZwischenTöne, which we had planned on the occasion of the revival of »Carmen« and which unfortunately could not take place as planned in mid-March at the Hotel Adlon-Kempinski, in English language from Georgia on the Instagram account of the State Opera. On @staatsoperberlin  you can watch this wonderful and remarkable hour with the mezzo-soprano also after the event.

Cancelled − 16 March 2020 | ZwischenTöne with Anita Rachvelishvili, Michael Fabiano und Christiane Karg

The ZwischenTöne with Anita Rachvelishvili, Michael Fabiano and Christiane Karg on the occasion of the revival of »Carmen« at the Staatsoper Unter den Linden was scheduled for 16 March 2020 and was cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The production of »Carmen« by Martin Kušej was last performed at the Staatsoper before the renovation.

The interview was to be conducted by Jana Beckmann, dramaturge at the Staatsoper Unter den Linden. Radio presenter Claudia Hamboch would have undertaken the live translation from English. The approximately one-hour conversation should have been followed by a dinner together.

11 February 2020 | ZwischenTöne with Soprano Nadine Sierra

It was a special pleasure for us to start the ZwischenTöne series in 2020 with Nadine Sierra. The exceptional young soprano was most recently seen in the revival of »Falstaff« in the role of Nannetta and in the premiere of »Der Rosenkavalier« as Sophie at the State Opera.

Florida-born soprano Nadine Sierra discovered her passion for music at an early age. She gained her first stage experience as a teenager at Palm Beach Opera and studied singing at Mannes College of the New School for Music in New York. In the current season she is making her debut in the title role of Giuseppe Verdi's »La Traviata« at the Teatro Real in Madrid and will be heard as Juliette in Charles Gounod's »Roméo et Juliette« at the San Francisco Opera and the Opéra National de Bordeaux, as Susanna in W. A. A. Mozart's »Le Nozze di Figaro« at the Metropolitan Opera and as Lucia in »Lucia die Lammermoor« by Caetano Donizetti at the Royal Opera House in Covent Garden.

In 2017 she received the Richard Tucker Award, in 2018 the Beverly Sills Artist Award of the Metropolitan Opera and last year she was awarded the OPUS Klassik Prize in the category »Young Artist Singing«. We were very pleased that Nadine Sierra in conversation with dramaturg Roman Reeger gave us exclusive insights into her everyday life. The live translation from English was provided by radio presenter Claudia Hamboch.

9 February 2020 | Opening of the exhibition Xenia Hausner »This will have been another happy day!«

On the occasion of the new production of Richard Strauss' »Der Rosenkavalier«, the Austrian painter and stage designer of the production, Xenia Hausner, showed painterly works as well as, among other things, stage sketches and models in an exhibition at Deutsche Bank's PalaisPopulaire from February 10 to March 2, 2020. We were very pleased to celebrate the opening of the exhibition together with you and in the presence of the artist. You were cordially invited to join us for a glass of sparkling wine and snacks before your visit to the premiere.

At the center of Hausner's colorful paintings are relationships between couples, which refer to the emotional chaos in the »Rosenkavalier«. Self-determined, thoughtful women create a female cosmos in which conventional attributes such as young and old, female and male lose themselves in front of the modern world view of the »Rosenkavalier«, so that gender-specific behaviour and conventional orders become fragile. In addition to ten large-format paintings by Xenia Hausner, the show featured her stage design sketches, objects, associative material and model parts as well as figurines by costume designer Arthur Arbesser.

A cooperation of the Staatsoper Unter den Linden and the PalaisPopulaire, sponsored by Egon Zehnder.

22 and 24 January 2020 |  Guided tour in the Museum Barberini through the exhibition »Van Gogh. Still Lifes«

Vincent van Gogh (1853-1890), Still Life with a Plate of Onions, 1889

In January the Barberini Museum celebrated its third birthday! On Wednesday 22 January 2020 and Friday 24 January, we took the opportunity to offer you a guided tour of the exhibition Van Gogh. Still Lifes.

During the single decade he was active as a painter from 1881 until his death in 1890, van Gogh executed over 170 still lifes. As a genre, still life was a rewarding gateway into painting as it offered him a framework to experiment with painterly techniques and options. The paintings reflect his reponse to impressionism, which van Gogh witnessed first-hand in Paris between 1886 and 1888, but also the influence of colour woodcuts from Japan. The still lifes describe his journey towards an ever freer, more intensive use of paint.

The exhibition Van Gogh: Still Lifes has been organized by Dr Michael Philipp, Chief Curator at the Museum Barberini. Overall, it presented 27 of these paintings in a representative selection, illustrating the painter’s artistic evolution. It traced the œuvre from the studies in sombre, earthy tones painted during van Gogh’s early period between 1881 and 1885 to the still lifes with brightly coloured fruit and flowers that he produced during his last years in Arles, Saint-Rémy, and Auvers.

10 November 2019 | Sunday open for sale at Kulturkaufhaus Dussmann

On this Sunday, the Staatskapelle Berlin, which will celebrate its 450th birthday next year, presented itself to you at various locations in the house. This afternoon you could experience colourful programmes in a wide variety of line-ups and enjoyed your shopping while listening to music and singing.

The numerous education projects of the orchestra and the Staatsoper Unter den Linden, such as the Orchestra Academy, the Opera Children's Orchestra or the Children's Concerts, also presented themselves and their outstanding talents. Meanwhile, the children's book department on the second floor invited you to participate. In addition, you had the opportunity to purchase tickets for selected events at discounted prices.

We donate the entire daily turnover to the Staatskapelle Berlin in its anniversary year.

Photo Gallery

31 OCTOBER 2019 | Members' Concert

After arriving in the neighborhood Unter den Linden, shaped by Friedrich II, we take this as the occasion for a very special cooperation: Together with the Museum Association of the German Historical Museum, we cordially invite you to this year's members’ concert.

In the days of Henry Purcell it was common practice to welcome the royal family with a »Welcome« Ode when they arrived at the residence. Magnificent and sonorous, full of verve and optimism, these compositions for singers and a colourful instrumental ensemble were ideally suited to welcome the audience to the Zeughaushof. New and already established members of the Opera Studio and the Orchestra Academy sang and performed this evening. In addition to music by the famous »Orpheus Britannicus« Purcell, »Les Illuminations« by Benjamin Britten was heard, who in the 20th century felt himself to be one of the continuers of the great traditions of English Renaissance and Baroque music - with his very own accents and individual tonal language. On this evening, you could experience the impressive atmosphere of the Zeughaushof. Thomas Guggeis conducted the rarely performed works of Purcell and Britten. At the following reception, you met familiar and new faces of the art and culture scene.

Thanks to the commitment of the artists and the support of the Berliner Sparkasse, the concert was free of charge. Donations amounting to over 6,000 euros were raised for the benefit of the Orchestra Academy.


A real magnet for music enthusiasts from all over the world is the revival of DER RING DES NIBELUNGEN at the Staatsoper Berlin with Daniel Barenboim and the Staatskapelle Berlin. We celebrated this event on the invitation of the Berliner Sparkasse with a benefit evening in the Max Liebermann House at the Brandenburg Gate. Even though guest of honour Michael Volle, one of the best baritones of our time, had to cancel at short notice, the guests were able to enjoy an entertaining and wonderful musical evening thanks to the spontaneous performance of Serena Sáenz Molinero and Linard Vrielink from the International Opera Studio Darya Varlamova from the Orchestra Academy.

The formation of young musicians in the Orchestra Academy ensures that the unique sound of the Staatskapelle Berlin is passed on to the next generation. The support of the academics is a matter close to our hearts. That is why the evening's donations of over 35,000 euros will go towards helping the promising young talents. A big thank you goes to our host Berliner Sparkasse, guests and donors!

Photo Gallery


The Staatsoper Unter den Linden invited to the new season − for the first time with a big opening party Unter den Linden. The Staatskapelle Berlin and the Staatsopernchor, the ensemble members as well as the entire technical, costume, make-up & co. staff were delighted to welcome numerous curious visitors. At the Staatsoper Unter den Linden, in the director's building and rehearsal centre and on the Grüner Bebelplatz right next door, music could be heard and performed.


For its 20th anniversary, the West-Eastern Divan Orchestra under the direction of Daniel Barenboim returned to Berlin's Waldbühne. Founded by Maestro Barenboim and Edward W. Said, the ensemble has not only become a world-renowned top orchestra, but also an important symbol of the peaceful coexistence of different cultures. The Waldbühnen Concert 2019 formed the musical prelude to the Beethoven Year 2020, and the music of the jubilarian determined the entire programme: With Michael Barenboim as soloist, the overture to »Egmont« as well as Beethoven's violin concerto and his 7th symphony were performed in front of an impressive natural backdrop.

28 to 30 June 2019 | 13th International Opera Weekend Berlin
In June, we invited young friends of the opera from all over Europe to Berlin in order to celebrate the 13th International Opera Weekend. The young participants had the opportunity to see two musical highlights of the Staatsoper on one weekend: »Tristan und Isolde« and »Rigoletto«. As an addition for everyone wo just cannot get enough, Sasha Waltz‘ three-act ballet »Sacre« could be seen as well on the third evening!

3 June 2019 | General assembly 2019
At this year's general assembly we discussed the reports of the year 2018 as well as current developments and projects of the Staatsoper and the Förderverein. It was especially nice that members of the Orchestra Academy gave us a taste of their skills as a thank you for your commitment. After the assembly, we rounded off the evening traditionally with a drink in the inner courtyard of the directorship’s building.

25 May 2019 | A Walk at the Lietzensee
As she does every spring, Ingeborg Fischbeck, our honorary employee, invited the Freunde und Förderer to her beloved historically inspired walks. This time, it took place in Charlottenburg namely around the Lietzensee, which lies amidst of a stunning park. The especially lovely design of the park is due to Erwin Barth, who has also designed the Schustherus-Park, the Jungfernheide and the Klausener Platz just as uniquely.

15 - 19 May 2019 | Members‘ trip to Hamburg and Oslo
Together with 34 friends and supporters, we first travelled to Hamburg on this year's members' trip to experience a highly acclaimed concert by the Staatskapelle conducted by Maestro Daniel Barenboim in the best seats of the Elbphilharmonie. We were spoiled in the famous hotel "Vier Jahreszeiten", from where we could walk to the Hamburg State Opera the next evening to be enchanted by a real Neumeier ballet classic: "Illusionen- wie Schwanensee". The following day, we took the bus to Kiel to continue our journey on the ferry Color Line to Oslo. The luxury cabins on board left nothing to be desired and we enjoyed a dinner together in the evening at a calm sea. After arriving in Oslo, we were able to get an impression of the impressive development of the city during an elaborate city tour.  The Oslo Opera is overwhelmingly situated directly at the water of the Oslo Fjord, a location which never ceases to amaze us. Additionally, how beautiful this house is from the inside as well, could be seen during a guided tour of the opera house. Afterwards, the performance of Mozart's Magic Flute surprised us: It was sung in Norwegian! All in all, we were able to experience an outstandingly attractive and varied programme on our trip to Hamburg and Oslo - all due to the tour operator PALCO REALE and our dedicated tour guide Medi Gasteiner, whom we would like to thank for the amazing journey!

15 May 2019 | ZwischenTöne: Artist talk with Harry Kupfer
Harry Kupfer is one of the most popular directors in Germany and he has gifted us various special opera moments. Last time, he fascinated the audience with a production of Verdi‘s »Macbeth«. Through our series »ZwischenTöne: Gespräche hinter den Kulissen« he gave exclusive insights in his way of producing and also  introduced the newly published picture book »Inszenierte Musik«, in which his works throughout the last decades are picturesquely introduced. The event was moderated by Rainer Fineske, first chairman of the Richard-Wagner association of Berlin-Brandenburg. Traditionally, host of the meeting and following reception was M.M.Warburg & CO Bankhaus Löbbecke at Behren Palais at the Bebelplatz.

7 – 22 Apr. FESTTAGE 2019 & special program of the Friends and Supporters
Once again, the beloved FESTTAGE of the Staatsoper Unter den Linden take place during the Easter holidays. Treat yourself and enjoy a rarely heard work by Sergei Prokofiev with »Die Verlobung im Kloster«, Anna Moses’ production of »Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg« and Anna Netrebko’s performances at the Berliner Philharmonie on the 19 and 20 April 2019! In addition, this year’s theme of our special program »Friends and those who want come become Friends« is »Neighborhood«.


28 March 2019 | Pariser Platz der Kulturen
In cooperation with Allianz Deutschland AG, our association invited Master Builders, Patrons and Donors to an evening dedicated to young talent work at the Staatsoper, which took place at the Pariser Platz.
We are committed to filling the Staatsoper Unter den Linden with life every day, while inspiring new generations to partake in the fascination of the genre. The results of the artistic engagement of young talents were proved by the young musicians of the Orchesterakademie and Sarah Aristidou, scholar of the international opera studio. Additionally, artistic director Matthias Schulz reported on how he intends to bring children and young people into contact with the opera’s many facets through a wide range of opportunities to participate, discover and experience. The talk was moderated by Petra Gute. As an encore, the sopranists deeply moved every one of the 350 guests with a Cypriot love song – an audible demonstration for how much music is able to touch us! After the concert, the friends and supporters and the guests of the Allianz Stiftung rounded off the evening with a glass of wine overlooking the Brandenburger Tor.


25 March 2019 | Introduction to the 2019/2020 season
On 25 March, artistic director Matthias Schulz unveiled the program of his second season at the Staatsoper Unter den Linden. He has personally – accompanied by artists – introduce it to the Friends and Supporters in the Apollosaal.

20 February 2019 | Guided tour through the »PalaisPopulaire«
With its almost 300 years of history, the former Prinzessinenpalais offers a perfect symbiosis of historical monument and modern event location. Where once the kings and princesses of the house of Prussia resided, the Deutsche Bank opened its international forum for art, culture and sport in September 2018. On a guided tour through the »PalaisPopulaire«, we had the opportunity to discover their exhibition in cooperation with the Tate Modern London: »Objects of Wonder, British Sculpture 1950s – Present«. Afterwards we discussed what we saw with other friends and enjoyed coffee and cake in the new café.

15 November 2018 | ZwischenTöne: Dialogue with the dramaturges
During the new BAROCKTAGE at the Staatsoper Unter den Linden, the dramaturges of the Staatsoper gave an insight into the world of baroque music at the »ZwischenTönen – Gespräche hinter den Kulissen«. The M.M.Warburg & CO Bankhaus Löbbecke kindly opened its doors again for us and invited after the dialogue to the reception in the beautiful premises of the Behren Palais on Bebelplatz. Due to illness, the artist Max Emanuel Cencic unfortunately could not attend the event as planned.

14 October 2018 | A Sunday for the Staatsoper
At this year's Dussmann-Sonntag, the artists of the Staatsoper have filled the KulturKaufhaus on all floors with sonorous music. The Dussmann Group kindly donates the whole day’s sales (30,000 €) to the children’s program at the Staatsoper Unter den Linden! In return, the opera invited you to explore and participate in a family program taking place on the stages of the KulturKaufhaus. The opera rally for children explored various aspects of opera and concert! A very successful day!


26 September 2018 | Guided tour through the decoration and costume studios
This is where theater dreams are made: In the central theater studios of the Stiftung Oper in Berlin, around 260 employees – who build stages and craft costumes, shoes and wigs – work on an area of 25.000 square meters. The Bühnenservice Berlin, as part of the studios, is the largest theater service provider in Germany. With a guided tour, our Friends and Supporters enjoyed a exclusive insight behind the scenes!

28 June 2018 | Members’ concert 2018
For this year’s members’ concert, the musicians of the Staatskapelle Berlin left the opera house in order to play for the Friends & Supporters at the picturesquely situated event location at Wannsee. After their performance, we enjoyed the rest of the summer evening with a Mediterranean grill buffet overlooking the glittering water and celebrated the first season of the new Staatsoper Unter den Linden.


23 June 2018 | Benefit evening at Villa Jacobs
By sending out invitations to a benefit summer evening at Villa Jacobs – located at the Jungfernsee – Marianne and Stefan Ludes thanked all those who have generously supported the Staatskapelle Berlin’s orchestra academy with an extra donation. Founded by Daniel Barenboim, the academy has won great international renown ever since its formation and celebrates its 20th anniversary this season: 29 young musicians play music alongside the Staatskapelle Berlin, performing in numerous operas and concerts that are led by prestigious conductors. All donations collected on occasion of the benefit evening will flow into the funding of scholarships for young people whose dreams of a life for and with music will thereby come a little closer. Needless to say, the evening’s musical program was led by the young artists of the academy: three students presented a selection of impressionist works by Debussy, Fauré and Caplet for flute, viola and harp. Furthermore, soprano singer Sarah Aristidou – who is also a member of the Internationales Opernstudio der Staatsoper Unter den Linden – performed on stage. During the reception on the terrace of Villa Jacobs, the guests enjoyed a view of the Jungfernsee and a dinner with cheerful talks in the presence of the artists afterwards.


5 June 2018 | General Assembly 2018      
This year’s member’s meeting of the Freunde und Förderer der Staatsoper will take place on 5 June 2018 in the Probebühne 1 at 7.00 p.m. After the meeting, a reception in the beautiful courtyard rounded off the evening.


15 May 2018 | Exhibition and book launch at the Ephraim-Palais  
Our member, the Werner-Viktor Toeffling Foundation, invited us on another discovery tour through Berlin: at the Ephraim-Palais museum, curator Prof. Dr. Dominik Bartmann presented selected art works – from the 19th century until today – to us which offer extraordinary insight into the urban and social structures of Berlin, including paintings by artist and set designer Werner-Viktor Toeffling whose life was also subject to a talk held by Dr. Kurt Winkler. The director of the House of Brandenburg-Prussian History furthermore gave an introduction to the book »BühneSzeneRaum«.

12 May 2018 | City walk through Lichterfelde West
Every year, our volunteer Ingeborg Fischbeck embarks on a historical city walk with Friends and Supporters. This time, we headed for the villa colony in the heart of Lichterfelde which combines diverse architectural styles and leaded us on a beautiful stroll through cobblestone alleys, little courts and enchanted gardens.

5 – 8 May 2018 | Member’s trip to Vienna
On our exclusive member’s trip to Vienna, we visited the Wiener Staatsoper to experience Verdi’s »Simon Boccanegra« staged by Peter Stein. Furthermore, we attended the Staatskapelle Berlin’s impressive concert – joined by Martha Argerich at the grand piano and conducted by maestro Daniel Barenboim – in one of the most gorgeous and acoustically best halls of the world: the Wiener Musikverein. After Matthias Schulz welcomed our tour group with an exclusive reception during the break, we met up with musicians of the Staatskapelle to share a glass of wine after the concert.
There’s even more to come: although the final rehearsals of »Samson et Dalila« were taking place in the meantime, Clemens Unterreiner – baritone of the Wiener Staatsoper – guided us on a personal tour through the building leading right onto the legendary stage. Being allowed to have a rare look into the backstage area, we suddenly found ourselves in the opera’s warm-up room where the greatest singers both the present and the past prepare(d) for their performances.
Visiting the Institute of Applied Art and its department of stage design marked another highlight on our trip. The designers and Univ. Prof. Mag. art Bernard Kleber, alongside his students, warmly greeted us with exciting insights into the art and studies of stage design. The encounter between opera audience and stage design students resulted in a highly interesting dialogue – and the realization that we have to delve into this exchange of ideas much more often in the future.

28 April 2018 | Staatsoper zum Kinopreis: »Les pêcheurs de perles«
The grandmaster of German film, Wim Wenders, has brought Georges Bizet's masterpiece »Les pêcheurs de perles« to the stage of the Staatsoper Berlin. Thanks to your donations and membership fees, 300 young opera fans under the age of 35 have the opportunity to visit the »Staatsoper zum Kinopreis«! – it means to the cinema price of 8, - €. The ticket sale starts immediately at our office.


27 + 28 April 2018 | 12th International Opera Weekend Berlin 2018
35 young opera friends from all around Europe attended the 12th International Opera Weekend in Berlin on the 27 and 28 April 2018. All of them seized the opportunity to discover the newly renovated Staatsoper Unter den Linden with a performance of »Les pêcheurs de perles« and experience a clarinet concert by the Berliner Philharmoniker. Besides musical highlights, the participants were able to take a look behind the scenes on a guided tour through the Staatsoper and its rehearsal rooms, as well as discuss Berlin’s cultural life during cozy meetings and receptions.


24 April 2018 | Salon for the Staatsoper with the American Friends in New York
The fact that the Staatsoper‘s American Friends have established an enthusiastic and energetic circle in the United States of America spectacularly shone through at their last event: on 24 April 2018, German consul general David Gill and his wife Sheila Shrivastava invited to a salon for the Staatsoper in the newly renovated representative office on Park Avenue – around 100 guests followed the invitation and occupied every single seat. Michael Volle – most recently performing as Falstaff during the FESTTAGE – opened the evening while renowned American director Barlett Sher – who will stage “Rigletto” in season 2018/19 – mingled with the audience. Matthias Schulz embarked on an extra journey across the Atlantic in order to introduce the coming season’s program and recommend a visit to the Staatsoper Unter den Linden as well. During the following reception, many travelling plans were made – we are looking forward to welcoming the American Friends in Berlin soon!


March 2018 | Our program for the FESTTAGE 2018
The FESTTAGE 2018 came up with a very successful premiere of Giuseppe Verdi's opera »Falstaff«. The opera program was supplemented by Richard Wagner's »Parsifal«. Singers such as Barbara Frittoli and Michael Volle as well as Nina Stemme and René Pape were stunning. The concerts in the Berlin Philharmonie focused on Mahler and Debussy. Daniel Barenboim, the Staatskapelle Berlin, Martha Argerich and the Wiener Philharmoniker are always guarantors of extraordinary musical experiences.
Once again, we have invited our members and guests of the FESTTAGE to enrich their visit of the spectacular performances with further special events and to personally get to know the top class artists. We also visited exciting places in the city of Berlin and looked behind the scenes of opera.

The complete program:

ZwischenTöne: Artist talk with Mario Martone
Guided tours over the Staatsoper Unter den Linden
Guided tour The Feuerle Collection
Guided tour Bundeskanzleramt
Guided tour Schloss Bellevue und Bundespräsidialamt
Guided tour Sammlung Boros
ZwischenTöne: Artist talk with Nina Stemme
General Rehearsal Staatskapelle Berlin, Martha Argerich and Daniel Barenboim

15 March 2018 | Presentation of the Season 2018/19
As the new artistic director of the Staatsoper Unter den Linden, Matthias Schulz presented his first season to the public on 15 March 2018. We consider it a major honor that he made time for the Friends and Patrons to personally introduce the opera and concert program to them.  Anna Prohaska, soloist of the Staatsoper ensemble, and Jiyoon Lee, concertmaster of the Staatskapelle Berlin, provided a foretaste for the new season with brilliant musical contributions. At Südliche Weinstraße’s invitation, we celebrated with a glass of wine and a reception at the patisserie.

12 March 2018 | Barock-Salon   
In the autumn of 2018, a special highlight will be awaiting all friends and lovers of baroque music: the new BAROCKTAGE at the Staatsoper Unter den Linden. Before the public presentation, Matthias Schulz will exclusively introduce his ideas and plans for this opera and concert genre to our patrons.
Thanks to the invitation of Timo Daus and Stephan Danner – patron at the Friends and Sponsors – we were already able to gather in an intimate circle at the Barock-Salon on 12 March 2018. Gyula Orendt, member of the ensemble, joined the evening with arias by Jean-Philipp Rameau.

21 February 2018 | Final Concert: International Opera Studio
The International Opera Studio of the Staatsoper Unter den Linden has already been established for a century. Initiated by Daniel Barenboim as well as led by Boris Anifantakis, the institution has become a success story eversince as more than 30 young singers already passed the two-year training. Many of them grace the stages of internationally acclaimed opera houses today – including performances as soloists or guests at the Staatsoper Unter den Linden: in an anniversary concert on 13 February, we were able to admire songs, arias and ensemble scenes of former as well as present studio members. Our engagement to intensely support young and highly talented singers was worthwhile – we could hear it and see it during that special evening at the Apollosaal!
As the International Opera Studio is being made possible by the Liz Mohn Kultur- und Musikstiftung for many years, we were very happy to invite our Patrons to the reception at the Bertelsmann representative office afterwards.

14 Februar 2018 | Welcome evening: Friends meet Friends in »La Traviata«
It is always a special concern for us, to welcome our new members among the opera friends and meet them in person. And what better way to do so than a collective opera visit? Before we visited Dieter Dorn’s production of »La Traviata«, we welcomed new and long-time members at the exclusive Meyerbeersalon in the course of the »Welcome evening: Friends meet Friends«. As a surprise guest, the new director of the Staatsoper, Matthias Schulz, came by and gave an overview of the new season 2018/19.

7 December 2017 | 275 years of the Staatsoper & 25 years of sponsors and friends
For 25 years, the friends and sponsors have accompanied the Staatsoper Unter den Linden. We celebrated this special anniversary on 7 December 2017 as part of the festive concert for the 275th birthday of the Staatsoper in the circle of members. Here you can review the atmospheric anniversary evening:



10 to 12 November 2017 | Weekend at Schloss Neuhardenberg
The Schloss Neuhardenberg is not only known for its atmosphere, the wonderful Lenné-park, but also for its qualitative cultural offerings. From 10 to 12 November our members were able to take long walks, enjoy the quiet and experience the concert by south-african-british violinist Daniel Hope at the Schinkel-Kirche. He was accompanied by the renowned Orchester l’arte del mondo, which specializes in the presentation of old music played on historic instruments. The program included four forgotten pieces from Vivaldi which were found by Daniel Hope during his research. Previously, we dined an exquisite dinner in the castle, where the exclusive Meet & Greet with Daniel Hope took place. He took time to talk to the friends and supporters about the rediscovered pieces and the extraordinary atmosphere of this special concert evening.

4 October 2017 | General Rehearsal for seat sponsors
On 4 October all seat sponsors were invited to visit the general rehearsal of the first subscription concert of the Staatskapelle Berlin and to take a seat on their own chair.

22 September 2017 | Walk through Berlin Mitte
On the occasion of the reopening of the Staatsoper, our volunteer Ingeborg Fischbeck will devote herself to one the district in the middle of Berlin, this particular district where every epoch has left visible traces. The development and redevelopment of a district in the heart of the city is the focus of their popular city walks. Mrs. Fischbeck shows you some of the oldest preserved buildings in Berlin, for example the baroque Nicolaihaus or the historic gallows house, as well as the new buildings around the Hausvogteiplatz. The walk is free of charge, but we kindly ask for a donation in favor of the Staatsoper. Please register until 8 September.

17 September 2017 | Guided tours through the Staatsoper Unter den Linden
Considering the long awaited return of the Staatsoper, we invite you to tours through the freshly renovated opera house. Explore the Staatsoper Unter den Linden right before its reopening and find out about the various opportunities one of the most modern opera houses in the world – all combined within its historical gown. Not only to the tours give you the opportunity to take a glimpse into the audience hall, but you also get to take a walk on the stage and discover the new rehearsal center. All tours are free of charge, but donations in favor of the Staatsoper are very welcome. Please register until 1 September.

28 - 30 June 2017 | Trip to the Elbphilharmonie Hamburg
In June, we accompanied the Staatskapelle Berlin with Maestro Daniel Barenboim to Hamburg, where they have played a fantastic concert with pieces from Wagner and Bruckner at the Elbphilharmonie. Additionally, we were able to visit a marvelous performance of Puccini’s »Madama Butterfly«, a production by Vincent Boussard with costumes from Christian Lacroix at the Staatsoper Hamburg. Guided tours through the backstage area gave great insights into events behind the scenes. An especially wonderful experience was our stay in the exclusive five star hotel, located directly in the building of the Elbphilharmonie with breathtaking views over the port of Hamburg.

22 June 2017 | Presentation of the new season 2017/2018 by Artistic Director Jürgen Flimm and designated Artistic Director Matthias Schulz
Jürgen Flimm and Matthias Schulz revealed to the Staatsoper’s Friends and Supporters to which new productions, highlights and special concerts they can look forward in the upcoming season back Unter den Linden and which evenings they should definitely keep free for the Staatsoper. With a glass of wine at the invitation of Südliche Weinstraße, they planned their opera visits.

18 June 2017 | Benefit evening at Villa Jacobs
At 18 June Marianne and Stefan Ludes thanked all those who supported the Staatsoper Unter den Linden with a generous contribution for a special harmonium for the Staatskapelle Berlin by inviting them to this extraordinary concert. Marina Prudenskaya and Narine Yeghiyan presented a well-orchestrated program with arias and songs. This summer evening finished with an exclusive dinner overlooking the picturesque Villa’s garden.


6 June 2017 | The association of friends and sponsors of the Staatsoper Berlin has welcomed their 1500th member!       
The association of the Staatsoper lists an enormous increase in memberships and has welcomed the 1500th member. While being only 15 years old, Raphael E. is a passionate supporter of opera and operetta and just signed up to become a member of the APOLLOS – the young friends.
All 1.500 members from all over the world can enjoy a treasurable closeness to the Staatsoper and its artists through their support. Invitations to rehearsals and premiere receptions and an exclusive ticket service are only a few of the association’s benefits.


22 May 2017 | Artist Talk: Photo exhibition and guided tour
The exhibition »Staatsoper Unter den Linden - the refurbishment« showed 40 large-format photographs by the Berlin photographer Alexander Schippel, that he recorded in the period from 2011 to 2017. After the artist talk with the photographer, there was a guided tour through the construction site by Bernd Krechting, managing director of the BAL building and control office.

03 May 2017 | Reception at the German Consulate General in New York
Brita Wagener, German Consul General in New York, invited to a reception in her private residence in honor of Maestro Sebastian Weigle and bass René Pape. Sebastian Weigle conducts this season »Fidelio« and the new production of »Rosenkavalier« at the Metropolitan Opera in New York. René Pape appeared at the Galaconcert for the 50th anniversary of the Met at the Lincoln Center. In her speach, the Consul General paid tribute to the close ties between the two artists to the Staatsoper Unter den Linden. Members of the Board of the American Friends of Staatsoper Berlin had stimulated the reception.

MARCH - APRIL 2017 | Our program for the FESTTAGE 2017
Daniel Barenboim has invited to the FESTTAGE 2017 of the Staatsoper Berlin. Outstanding artists such as Zubin Mehta, Anne-Sophie Mutter, Radu Lupu, Martha Argerich, the Wiener Philharmoniker and of course the Staatskapelle Berlin with Maestro Barenboim enriched this extraordinary festival.
Once again, we have invited our members and guests of the FESTTAGE to enrich their visit of the spectacular performances with further special events and to personally get to know the top class artists. We also visited exciting places in the city of Berlin and looked behind the scenes of opera.

The complete program:
Interview with Senatsbaudirektorin Regula Lüscher
Guided tours over the construction site of the opera house Unter den Linden
ZwischenTöne: Artist talk with Claus Guth
Guided tour Bundeskanzleramt
Guided tour Bundesrat
Guided tour Schloss Bellevue and Bundespräsidialamt
General Rehearsal Staatskapelle Berlin, Daniel Barenboim and Anne-Sophie Mutter
Guided tour Museum Barberini
Guided tour Musikinstrumenten-Museum

30 March 2017 | Artistic Director Dinner
Artistic Director Jürgen Flimm and designated Artistic Director Matthias Schulz invited the patrons, donors and corporate members of our association to a famous dinner at the Hotel de Rome. Vis à vis of the Staatsoper Unter den Linden the guests dined and got current insights into the planning for the next season and the moving in the opera house Unter den Linden.

PHOTO GALLERY Artistic Director Dinner

22 March 2017 | Guided tour of the Deutsche Bank Kunst Sammlung
The art collection of Deutsche Bank invites to a journey of discovery of the global art scene – at 900 locations worldwide. Its Berlin headquarters Unter den Linden also is a place of contemporary art, not only by its Deutsche Bank KunstHalle on the ground floor. On four office floors, one encounters works by international artists who had been presented between 1997 and 2012 at the formerly Deutsche Guggenheim: Phoebe Washburn or, for example, Hanne Darboven. Furthermore, the history of Berlin as one of the most vital art metropolis of the world is being represented. Our corporate member Deutsche Bank gave our members an exclusive insight into this collection.

19 March 2017 | Staatsoper for cinema pricing: »Tannhäuser«
Simone Young conducted Richard Wagner’s »Tannhäuser« in the staging of Sasha Waltz which was shown again at Schiller Theater from 26 February 2017 on. For the performance on 19 March, we invited 100 young people under 35 years to get to see a Wagner opera for cinema pricing – made possible by a donation of Wissenschaftsbüro Werner Notz. Thank you very much for this generous commitment! This evening was a great success. And for those who wanted to know more about Wagner, an exclusive workshop for the young audience took place on 18 March.

06 February 2017 | »Die Zauberflöte«: Mozart’s autograph at the Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin
This is really a special opportunity: Thanks to the Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin, our members can experience the fascination of the autograph of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s opera »Die Zauberflöte« which usually lies safely in a vault. Dr. Roland Schmidt-Hensel, curator of the collection of Mozart, will present to you this extraordinary treasure for all music lovers. Furthermore we cast a glance into the impressive new reading room which was created in the course of the renovation and refurbishment of the building.

Photo: Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin: Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus: Die Zauberflöte; KV 620, 1791

16 - 23 January 2017 | Trip to New York with Daniel Barenboim & the Staatskapelle Berlin
In January 2017, we accompanied the Staatskapelle Berlin to New York, where together with Daniel Barenboim it played for the first time in the history of the Carnegie Hall the complete Bruckner-cycle – a unique event which was celebrated by the audience and the press. A very special musical journey, which was especially honored by a reception in the German Consulate General with a great view over New York’s nightly sky as well as a charity-gala-evening. We were also very glad to see our American Friends again on this occasion. And of course visits of museums, city tours and the view over the skyline from the One World Trade Center were also on the program!



23 November 2016 | »Spaghetti tutti«: Eating spaghetti with the Staatskapelle Berlin and the Orchestra Academy
While eating pasta together, we get to know musicians of the Staatskapelle Berlin outside the orchestra pit. This time, the evening is dedicated to the young musicians of the Orchestra Academy at the Staatsoper. During a two-year fellowship, they refine their education and get to know the work and daily routine of a top class orchestra. You can get to know a lot of interesting things about the experiences and challenges of working in one of the most renowned orchestras worldwide and talk with their mentors in a relaxing atmosphere.

11 November 2016 | »Take a seat« – reception at the Staatsoper Unter den Linden
»Take a seat« – under this slogan, we offer opera and music lovers the opportunity to 'take a seat' by sponsoring one at Staatsoper Unter den Linden and to hereby show their appreciation for this opera house. Anticipation rises as the return 'home' draws nearer, and on 11 November 2016 the members of our association were looking forward to it together: at our first event back at the old and new opera house Unter den Linden! Matthias Schulz (designated Artistic Director) and Ulrich Maas (chairman of our association) welcomed the guests to a reception at the historic orchestra rehearsal hall of the already refurbished directorship building. The festive prelude to the evening was created by a cornet and Wagner-tuba quartet of the Staatskapelle Berlin who played pieces by Praetorius and Richard Wagner as well as jazz pieces. The guests had the special opportunity to already sit on one of the new seats, which are authentic replicas of the originals, for the first time. At a guided tour of the construction site of the opera house, we were fascinated by the historic house behind the scenes of the construction works.


16 October 2016 | Sunday shopping at Dussmann das KulturKaufhaus
Go shopping in favor of the Staatsoper at Dussmann das KulturKaufhaus and meanwhile get to see artists of the Staatsoper live on stage – it was once again possible on 16 October 2016. On the occasion of the 10th jubilee of this »Sunday for the Staatsoper«, artists of the Staatsoper once more turned Dussmann das KulturKaufhaus into a concert hall.
Right before the premiere of Richard Strauss’ »Elektra«, world-acclaimed mezzo-soprano Waltraud Meier, who sang Klytämnestra in this production, talked about the opera and the last staging of legendary director Patrice Chéreau. The many visitors of the day also got to hear the members of the Staatsoper’s ensemble Marina Prudenskaya, Narine Yeghiyan, Stephan Rügamer and Grigory Shkarupa: They presented opera’s classics from Mozart to Verdi. Elsa Dreisig, winner of the first prize of the international singing contests »Neue Stimmen« (2015) and »Operalia« (2016), David Oštrek, Dominic Barberi and Miloš Bulajic of the Staatsoper’s International Opera Studio sang »Lieder der Heimat«. Furthermore, chamber music with violinists Ulrike Eschenburg and Martha Cohen of the Staatskapelle Berlin as well as a performance of a woodwind quartet of the Orchesterakademie were on the program.
For the 10th time already, Dussmann das KulturKaufhaus donated all daily sales to our association for the benefit of the Staatsoper. This commitment of the Dussmann Group over so many years is really extraordinary and we cordially thank them! We are very happy that a donation of 32.000 Euro will benefit the Staatsoper this year.
We would also like to thank all visitors for their support and their great interest in the Staatsoper’s programme. And of course we cordially thank all the artists who made such a special day possible!


12 October 2016 | Alexander Polzin at Galerie Kornfeld
The artist Alexander Polzin creates extraordinary paintings, drawings and sculptures – his Giordano Bruno monument at Potsdamer Platz or the monument »Hommage à Paul Celan« which was unveiled in Paris in June 2016 are well known. The model of this monument was part of an exhibition at Galerie Kornfeld. Under Hölderlin’s quotation »Was bleibet aber, stiften die Dichter«, it assembled works by Alexander Polzin which dealed with literature, poets and authors. Alexander Polzin, who also works as a stage designer, always enters in an intensive dialogue with music, theatre, contemporary and historic literature and history of art in his work. The artist personally guided us through the exhibition and showed us works that are inspired by Thomas Brasch (with whom he had a close friendship), trace to Dante’s »Divine Comedy« or were inspired by Ernest Hemingway, Bertolt Brecht or Heiner Müller. With wine and some finger food we let the evening fade away.

Photo: View of Alexander Polzin’s exhibition »Was bleibet aber, stiften die Dichter« (Hölderlin)

30 September - 2 October 2016 | International Opera Weekend of the Young Friends
From 30 September to 2 October 2016, the 11th International Opera Weekend of our Young Friends took place in Berlin. Young opera lovers from all over Europe (for example from Oslo, Paris, Genua, Venedig, Amsterdam, München and Bayreuth) came to Berlin to enjoy extraordinary performances and discover Berlin’s many cultural venues. Highlight of the weekend was the visit of the performance of Mozart’s »Don Giovanni« in Claus Guth’s exciting staging at the Staatsoper im Schiller Theater, together with many other guests under 35 years within the frame of »Staatsoper at cinema pricing. Matthias Schulz, designated Artistic Director of the Staatsoper Unter den Linden, cordially welcomed the participants of the Opera Weekend. Furthermore, »Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg« at the Komische Oper and a concert by the Berliner Philharmoniker were on the program. The weekend was topped off by a visit of Berlin’s TV tower as well as a guided tour of the Barenboim-Said Akademie and the Pierre Boulez Saal.

1 October 2016 | Staatsoper for cinema pricing: »Don Giovanni«
»Staatsoper for cinema pricing«: Under this slogan, the Friends and Supporters once more offered 300 young people under 35 to watch a performance at the Staatsoper im Schiller Theater for cinema pricing. This year, Mozart’s »Don Giovanni« in the fantastic staging by Claus Guth was on the program. Before the performance, Matthias Schulz, designated Artistic Director of the Staatsoper Unter den Linden, personally welcomed the visitors at the Schiller Theater. With a glass of wine at the invitation of the Südliche Weinstraße, the participants had opened the evening in the Glassy Foyer of the Schiller Theater. Massimo Zanetti conducted the Staatskapelle Berlin and a great ensemble of singers around Christopher Maltman, Olga Peretyatko, Dorothea Röschmann and Luca Pisaroni. The artists were celebrated by the young audience with great applause.
»Staatsoper for cinema pricing« was made possible by membership fees and donations.

21 September 2016 | Welcome evening: Friends meet friends at »Tosca«
We say »Welcome!« Together with Friends and Supporters who have been part of our association for a long time, we cordially welcomed our new members at our welcome evening. We visited the performance of »Tosca« and got to see three outstanding singers under the baton of Domingo Hindoyan: Angela Gheorghiu, Fabio Sartori and Michael Volle, who were greatly celebrated by the audience. During a reception before the performance, our members got to know each other and learned more about our work for the Staatsoper.

12 July 2016 | Concert for our members
This year’s concert for our members took place at a very special place in the middle of Berlin: at Max Liebermann Haus right next to Brandenburger Tor. In this fantastic atmosphere, we celebrated the ending of a successful season 2015/2016 with our members. The Tilia-Quartett provided for the musical program of the evening and played Mozart’s quartet in D minor as well as pieces by Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy and Viktor Ullmann. Eva Römisch (violin), Johanna Helm (violoncello), Andreas Jentzsch (violin) and Wolfgang Hinzpeter (viola) with their chamber music concert once more showed why the sound of the Staatskapelle’s strings belongs to the most beautiful in the world! At the reception afterwards we could enjoy the view on Brandenburger Tor and Berlin’s Reichstag in front of a fantastic evening sky.
We cordially thank the Berliner Sparkasse who invited us to this wonderful place as well as the musicians of Tilia-Quartett for their commitment!


26 June 2016 | Benefit Evening at Villa Jacobs
Benefit evenings at Villa Jacobs in favor of Berlin’s Staatsoper Unter den Linden have become a lovely tradition. Marianne and Stefan Ludes invited generous supporters of the Staatsoper to an exclusive concert at this wonderful place at the Jungfernsee. Soprano Elsa Dreisig and baritone Vincenzo Neri together with pianist David Robert Coleman presented a well-orchestrated program with arias, duets and songs – a fantastic and touching concert experience in a private circle. This special summer evening concluded with a festive dinner overlooking the Villa’s park. Thanks to the joyous atmosphere between the guests, artistic director Jürgen Flimm and the designated artistic director Matthias Schulz among them, and thanks to the hosts’ cordiality, this event will stick in the guests’ memories for a long time.


11-19 June 2016 | American Friends at Wagner’s Ring Cycle
Outstanding singers, a brilliantly playing Staatskapelle Berlin under Maestro Daniel Barenboim and highly celebrated performances: »Der Ring des Nibelungen« at Staatsoper im Schiller Theater was a very special event to which Wagner-lovers from all over the world had been looking forward to for a long time. So had the Staatsoper’s »American Friends«: In June they travelled together to Berlin to see Wagner’s epic masterpiece. The Staatsoper’s designated Artistic Director Matthias Schulz cordially welcomed the guests at the Schiller Theater and Daniel Barenboim took the time to personally greet them as well. The American Friends completed their visit of the city with guided tours and also took a look at the construction site of the opera house Unter den Linden where anticipation arouse for their next group trip to Berlin on the occasion of its re-opening in 2017.

4 June 2016 | Walk through Böhmisch-Rixdorf
In the heart of Berlin’s urban and lively district Neukölln, you can find an idyllic jewel: The Bohemian village. Descendants of the expatriates who had to leave their home country Bohemia in the 18th century because of their belief still live here. The architectonic structure of the settler’s village still exists. During one of her popular city walks, our volunteer Ingeborg Fischbeck guided us through this special part of Berlin’s history and showed us for example the »Böhmischer Gottesacker«, one of the oldest cemeteries of Berlin, many historic buildings as well as the backyard gardens in the Kirchgasse which can only rarely be seen.

13 - 16 May 2016 | Visit of the Staatskapelle Berlin in Prague
The Staatskapelle Berlin went on tour and the Staatsoper’s Friends and Supporters went with them! We accompanied the orchestra to the 71st Prague Festival in the golden city by the Moldau. Music, which had always been playing an important role in Prague, was of course in the center of our trip.
On our first evening, we saw Verdi’s »Nabucco« at Prague State Opera. The day after during a guided city tour, we visited the magnificent, neo-renaissance style National Theatre directly at the Moldau. After a devastating fire in 1881 – even before the official opening – it could be rebuilt within only two years with the help of the population.
The visit of the concert by the Staatskapelle Berlin and its maestro Daniel Barenboim who played Bruckner’s 5th Symphony in the splendid Smetana Hall was the climax of our trip. We celebrated the successful concert afterwards together with musicians of the Staatskapelle Berlin during a dinner at a beautiful Jugendstil restaurant.
During four sunny days, we enjoyed this architectonically rich city: Jugenstil, as far as the eye can see! Of course a walk over the famous Charles Bridge was part of our sightseeing walk. We had an impressive view of the city and the Moldau from the Hradschin.

29 March 2016 | Presentation of the new season 2016/2017 by Artistic Director Jürgen Flimm
Jürgen Flimm revealed to the Staatsoper’s Friends and Supporters to which new productions, highlights and special concerts they can look forward in the upcoming season and which evenings they should definitely keep free for the Staatsoper. With a glass of wine at the invitation of Südliche Weinstraße, they planned their opera visits.

15-24 March 2016 | Our program for the FESTTAGE 2016
20 years ago, Maestro Daniel Barenboim brought into being the FESTTAGE at Berlin’s Staatsoper. Since then, they have been attracting opera and music lovers from all over the world. Once again, we have invited our members and guests of the FESTTAGE to enrich their visit of the spectacular performances with further special events and to personally get to know the top class artists. 
We started with »Spaghetti tutti« with the Staatskapelle Berlin: While dining with us, the musicians told us about their work for one of the most renowned orchestras worldwide. At our artists talk »ZwischenTöne«, our members had the chance to get to know two world-famous singers: Waltraud Meier, who sang her last Kundry during the FESTTAGE, and Bejun Mehta, the wonderful Orfeo of the FESTTAGE’s premiere »Orfeo ed Euridice«. And after a fantastic performance of »Parsifal«, we came together with artits of the evening at a reception in the Glassy Foyer of the Schiller Theater.
Our visit of the general rehearsal of the concert by the legendary Wiener Philharmoniker under the baton of Maestro Barenboim offered us exciting insights into the working progress of these two exceptional phenomena of classical music. At guided tours of the construction site Unter den Linden, we could get an idea of the current status of the refurbishment works at the opera house – we also had a look into the Barenboim-Said Akademie and the Pierre Boulez concert hall. Visits of the Bundeskanzleramt and of the art collection »Daimler Contemporary« completed our program.
 24 March 2016 | »ZwischenTöne« – Talk with Bejun Mehta

Bejun Mehta is one of the countertenors in highest demand worldwide and regularly guest-stars at all international leading opera and concert halls. At this year’s FESTTAGE, Bejun Mehta enchanted the audience with his wonderful interpretation of Orfeo in the premiere of Gluck’s »Orfeo ed Euridice« under the musical direction of Daniel Barenboim. Members and guests had the opportunity to question him about his career as a singer and his view on opera as well as to learn a lot of interesting facts about the vocal fach of countertenor.

22 March 2016 | »ZwischenTöne« – Talk with Waltraud Meier
Waltraud Meier singing her last Kundry – it have been memorable and moving performances during this year’s FESTTAGE at the Staatsoper. Her saying farewell to this important role that she had been singing on the stages of the world since 1982 led us to make possible an encounter between her and our members as well as visitors of the FESTTAGE. In a most interesting and likewise enjoyable talk moderated by dramaturge Dr. Detlef Giese, Mrs. Meier gave us many insights into her career and her thoughts about the world of opera.

21 March 2016 | Meet & Greet with Jonas Kaufmann and Daniel Barenboim
Jonas Kaufmann and Daniel Barenboim – two greats of the world of opera encountered. Their concert in Berlin’s Philharmonie during the FESTTAGE was a great success. After the concert, the BMW AG, principal partner of the Staatsoper im Schiller Theater, invited donors and patrons of the Staatsoper’s Friends association together with members of the BMW Excellence to a Meet & Greet with Jonas Kaufmann and Daniel Barenboim.

20 March 2016 | »Parsifal«: Reception with artists of the evening
 We celebrated the revival of »Parsifal« during the FESTTAGE 2016 with members and guests at a reception in the Glassy Foyer of the Schiller Theater. Many artists of the evening came by to drink to the performance and the FESTTAGE with us. It was a great pleasure to welcome Andreas Schager (Parsifal), René Pape (Gurnemanz), Tómas Tómasson (Klingsor), Florian Hoffmann (3rd Knappe), Dominic Barberi (2. Gralsritter), the »Blumenmädchen« Sónia Grané, Natalia Skrycka, Julia Novikova, Adriane Queiroz and Anja Schlosser as well as members of the  Staatskapelle Berlin and the Staatsopernchor. The guests had the opportunity to get into conversation with the artists, talk with other music lovers and in this great atmosphere let the evening draw to an end.
16 October 2015 | »ZwischenKlänge«: Opening of the symposium »450 Years Staatskapelle Berlin
In 2020, the Staatskapelle Berlin will celebrate its 450th birthday. In a series of conferences, the tradition-rich history of this special orchestra will be examined. The first symposium tracked the development from the origins of the Brandenburgische Hofkapelle until the early 18th century. For the opening, we invited our members to Charlottenburg Castle. After a guided tour through the impressive castle complex, we visited the opening lecture of the symposium where Maestro Daniel Barenboim welcomed the guests.

13 October 2015 | Staatsoper for cinema pricing: »Tosca« for everyone under 35
 »Staatsoper for cinema pricing«: Under this slogan, the Friends and Supporters once more offered 300 young people under 35 to watch a performance at the Staatsoper im Schiller Theater for just 8,- euros. On 13 October 2015, Puccini’s »Tosca« was on the program. A fantastic ensemble of singers around Anja Kampe and Michael Volle thrilled the young audience. With a glass of wine at the invitation of the Südliche Weinstraße, the participants had opened the evening in the Glassy Foyer of the Schiller Theater.

»Staatsoper for cinema pricing« is made possible by membership fees and donations.

09 - 11 October 2015 | International Opera Weekend by the Staatsoper’s Young Friends
The International Opera Weekend by our Young Friends celebrated a jubilee! For the 10th time already, we invited young opera friends from all over Europe to Berlin for three days in order to get to know our outstanding opera and cultural scene. All places were assigned within no time. 50 opera fans under 35 years together visited the superb new production of »Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg« with Maestro Daniel Barenboim at the Staatsoper im Schiller Theater, a concert with Sir Simon Rattle and the Berliner Philharmoniker in the Philharmonie where the audience enthusiastically celebrated the orchestra and »Die Hochzeit des Figaro« at the Deutsche Oper.

19 September 2015 | Guided tour of Schöneberg
With her enthusiasm for Berlin’s history and culture, our volunteer Ingeborg Fischbeck every year infects many members during her guided tours. This year, we could discover hidden places of the district Schöneberg with her. For example, we got to know the Lette-Haus on Viktoria-Luise-Platz. The walk ended at the famous Winterfeldt mart where we could treat ourselves to some fine food.

03 September 2015 | »ZwischenKlänge« – Meeting the Staatskapelle Berlin
 Maestro Daniel Barenboim and the Staatskapelle Berlin started into the new season 2015/2016 with a brilliant opening concert of the Musikfest Berlin which was dedicated to the music of Arnold Schönberg. Daniel Barenboim afterwards called it a »finest hour« of his work with the orchestra. At the subsequent reception with honorary guests of the evening, our members got to talk with musicians of the Staatskapelle Berlin. This meeting was the beginning of our series of events »ZwischenKlänge« at which our members can get to know the orchestra and its great tradition – in 2020, we will celebrate the Staatskapelle’s 450th birthday!

03 - 05 July 2015 | Premiere trip to the Scala Milano: Jürgen Flimm staging »Otello«
At the Scala Milano, our Artistic Director Jürgen Flimm staged the rarely shown opera by Rossini. The stage design was based on an idea by Anselm Kiefer, the famous German painter and sculptor. We travelled to this special event with our members and got to see a cast with great stars such as Olga Peretyatko, Juan Diego Flórez and Gregory Kunde in the Teatro alla Scala. On the evening before the premiere, Mr. Flimm personally revealed us some things about his staging and his work at one of the most famous opera houses worldwide during a dinner. As a very special highlight, we could attend the premiere party on stage and thus got close to the action with the artists of the evening!


29 June 2015 | Lied and aria recital by the International Opera Studio
On 29 June 2015, the current fellowship holders of the Staatsoper’s International Opera Studio said goodbye with a fulminant final concert. At the Staatsoper im Schiller Theater, the young singers of the Opera Studio – supported by the »Liz Mohn Kultur- und Musikstiftung« – gained important experiences for their future career for an exciting period of two years. Sónia Grané (soprano), Annika Schlicht (mezzo-soprano), Stephen Chambers (tenor), Jonathan Winell (tenor), Maximilian Krummen (baritone) and Grigory Shkarupa (bass) showed once more their fantastic skills with a Lied and aria recital with works by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Gaetano Donizetti, Richard Strauss, Robert Schumann and Charles Gounod. At the subsequent reception, our donors, patrons and master builders celebrated together with Liz Mohn’s guests of honor and watched how the young singers received their certificates.

28 May 2015 | Visit of Alexander Polzin's Studio
In May, we had the wonderful opportunity to invite our Patrons and Donors to an exclusive visit of the studio of a very special artist: Alexander Polzin not only creates superb sculptures and paintings – for example his Giordano Bruno monument at the Potsdamer Platz – but has also been working as stage designer for more than ten years. He has worked with important contemporary composers such as Helmut Lachenmann and György Kurtág and has created stage designs for the Teatro Real in Madrid, the Salzburg Easter Festival, the Grand Théâtre de Génève or the Tiroler Festspiele in Erl, where he was also stage director. At the Staatsoper he created the scene for »Philemon & Baucis« staged by Immo Karaman – this production was financially supported by the Friends and Supporters.
Alexander Polzin, who is being represented by the Galerie Kornfeld in the Fasanenstraße, welcomed us in his studio and gave us many inspiring insights into his multifaceted work and the process of creation. Afterwards, we had the opportunity to talk about what we’d just seen at a little reception.

Alexander Polzin
Sisyphus (Mortier Award), Silver Edition, 2014
Silvered Bronze, Ed.: 22
8 x 10,5 x 7 cm

27 April 2015 | Presentation of the new season by Artistic Director Jürgen Flimm
Every year it is a very special moment when, full of excitement and anticipation, we turn for the first time the pages of the Staatsoper’s season preview fresh from the press. On 27 April, Jürgen Flimm personally presented the premieres, the opera stars and concert highlights of the upcoming season to the Friends and Sponsors. With a glass of wine at the invitation of the Südliche Weinstraße, our members could get started planning their Staatsoper season 2015/16 and to look forward to your opera and concert visits together with other Friends.

21 - 24 April 2015 | The Staatskapelle Berlin and Daniel Barenboim in the new Philharmonie de Paris
The French capital got a spectacular new Philharmonie at the beginning of 2015 and started the first season with a stunning concert program. The famous architect Jean Nouvel and acoustic legend Yasuhisa Toyota have designed an impressing building. Together with an opera visit in the Palais Garnier where Jules Massenet’s »Le Cid« with Roberto Alagna and Anna Caterina Antonacci was shown, the Friends and Sponsors discovered a musical Paris in spring, for example during a guided tour through the Opera Bastille. Furthermore, we visited the building of the sensational, recently opened Fondation Louis Vuitton, designed by architect Frank Gehry.

2 April 2015 |  Reception after »Tannhäuser« with Friends and artists
Last year, »Tannhäuser« staged by Sasha Waltz was premiered. On the occasion of this wonderful revival, we got together in the Gläsernes Foyer of the Schiller Theater after the performance to drink to the FESTTAGE 2015 together with the artists. Artistic Director Jürgen Flimm thanked the members of the Friends and Sponsors for their commitment and welcomed with us many artists of the evening: Sasha Waltz, Peter Seiffert (Tannhäuser), Marina Prudenskaya (Venus), Christian Gerhaher (Wolfram), Kwangchul Youn (Landgraf), Sónia Grané (Hirt) and members of the Staatsopernchor and the Staatskapelle Berlin. With a glass of wine the guests had the opportunity to get into conversation with the artists, talk with other music lovers and in this great atmosphere let fade away the evening.


02 April 2015 | »ZwischenTöne« with Parsifal-Singer Andreas Schager
As eponymous hero of »Parsifal«, Andreas Schager enchanted audience and press at this year’s premiere of the FESTTAGE. Since his debut in 2009, his career has gone straight upwards; his engagements lead him to many renowned opera houses. At the Staatsoper im Schiller Theater, Andreas Schager already caused a sensation in 2013, when he stepped in as the eponymous hero of »Siegfried« ten minutes before the performance began and thrilled the audience.
We welcomed the exceptional singer for a talk and got to know many fascinating facts about his view on the new production of »Parsifal« and about his career as a singer. The Hotel am Steinplatz offered us the perfect place to get to talk with the artist in a private and exclusive atmosphere and with a glass of champagne and some fine food.

24 February 2015 | Guided tour of the Staatsoper’s workshops
The Friends and Sponsors finance the scenery for the new production of »Parsifal« during the FESTTAGE 2015 – during a guided tour of the workshops of the Stiftung Oper in Berlin, we could get a first glance on what will await us behind the red curtain at the premiere.
On an area of 25.000 m2, around 200 craftsmen work in the workshops to constantly create and re-create the world on stage. The Bühnenservice Berlin, to which the workshops belong, is the biggest service provider for theatre in Germany. We got to know the place where sceneries and costumes are made which we can afterwards see on stage of the Schiller Theater.

21 January 2015 | »Der Freischütz«: ZwischenTöne featuring Sebastian Weigle and Burkhard Fritz
After the performance of »Der Freischütz« on 21 January 2015, a round of talk with artists took place in the Glassy Foyer of the Schiller Theater as part of our event series ZwischenTöne. Guests were Sebastian Weigle, conductor of the new production at the Staatsoper staged by Michael Thalheimer, and Burkhard Fritz, singer of »Max«. The Greatgreatgreatgrandson of the opera composer, Christian Freiherr von Weber, unfortunately had to cancel due to illness. Holger Röder, member of the board of curators of the Friends and Supporters, presented the talk. Lively and entertaining, Sebastian Weigle and Burkhard Fritz explained the backgrounds and peculiarities of the staging from their view as conductor and singer as well as the specialties of the »Freischütz« often labeled as »German national opera«.

22 November 2014 | Achim Freyer’s »Kunsthaus«
Achim Freyer, who celebrated his 80th birthday in the spring of 2014 and whose wonderful stage design has been shown for over 45 years in Rossini’s »Il barbiere di Siviglia« at the Staatsoper, is not just a stage director, stage designer and theatre artist, but also a painter and arts collector. His home, a heritage-protected villa from the 19th century in Berlin-Lichterfelde, is also exhibition space, gallery and atelier. Densely from the bottom to the top of the house, around 2.000 international works mainly of the 20th and 21st century are collected here. Paintings by Neo Rauch, Joseph Beuys, Sigmar Polke, Salvador Dalí, Hans Arp, Max Klinger or Henri Matisse can be discovered, but also works by unknown artists and amateurs, which are uniquely put together by Freyer. Together with Achim Freyer, we could discover this extensive exhibition of paintings, graphics and sculptures and talk with him about his oeuvre.

24 - 26 October 2014 | International Opera Weekend by the Young Friends
From 24 to 26 October 2014, the Young Friends of the Staatsoper held the 9th International Opera Weekend in Berlin. Puccini, Wagner and Mozart – this year, three of the greatest opera composers of all time and three of the most admired operas ever were on the program of the Young friends and their visitors, who came to Berlin from Italy, Norway, France, the Netherlands and other countries. Thus, 50 young opera friends watched »Tosca« and »Tristan und Isolde« at the Staatsoper im Schiller Theater as well as »Die Zauberflöte« at the Komische Oper together. Furthermore, a guided tour through the construction site of the opera house Unter den Linden and a reception at the Schiller Theater were waiting for them.

16 October 2014 | Welcome evening: Friends meet friends at »Tosca«
With a joint visit of the new production of »Tosca« with Daniel Barenboim at the conductor’s desk, we welcomed our new members in the association. At an exclusive reception during the intermission, they were able get to know other opera lovers and talk about the Staatsoper. Afterwards, we discover the Schiller Theater behind the scenes during a guided tour.
Thanks to the financial commitment of our members, the production of »Tosca« is supported by our association with 100.000,- €.

On 5 October 2014, artists of the Staatsoper filled the Dussmann KulturKaufhaus
with music during the 8th Sunday shopping to the benefit of the Staatsoper. Once again, the Dussmann KulturKaufhaus donated all revenues of the day to our association to the benefit of the refurbishment of the opera house Unter den Linden. With the aid of this donation, our association will enable in a public-private-partnership the installation of a multilingual subtitling in the Staatsoper Unter den Linden.
Jonathan Winell (tenor) and Maximilian Krummen (baritone) of the Staatsoper’s international Opernstudio opened the musical part with songs and arias by Richard Strauss, Hugo Wolf and Gaetano Donizetti; they were accompanied on the piano by Andrei Diakov. Concertmeister Lothar Strauß of the Staatskapelle Berlin and Victoria Margasyuk of the Orchesterakademie played violin duos by Béla Bartók as well as together with pianist Günther Albers a wonderful double concerto for two violins by Johann Sebastian Bach. Afterwards, Günther Albers and solo flutist Claudia Stein of the Staatskapelle Berlin presented music for flute and piano by Francis Poulenc, Egon Kornauth and Charles Marie Widor. The great ensemble singers Carola Höhn (soprano) and Arttu Kataja (baritone) accomplished this musical afternoon with songs by Ludwig van Beethoven and Jean Sibelius as well as a duet from Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s »Don Giovanni«. They were accompanied on the piano by Gary Gromis.
We cordially thank the Dussmann KulturKaufhaus for this extraordinary commitment as well as all the artists who made such a special event possible. We would also like to thank all visitors and shoppers.


26 September 2014 | Vernissage »Behind the mask« with portraits of Staatsoper’s artists
During performances like »Don Carlos«, »Die Zauberflöte«, »Il trovatore« and many other productions at the Staatsoper im Schiller Theater, photographer Paul Green has been shooting backstage portraits of the artists. The impressive portrait series »Behind the Mask« shows artists such as Marina Prudenskaya, René Pape, Anna Prohaska and Gyula Orendt. Now Paul Green for the first time presented a range of these works at the »Rainmaking Loft« in Berlin Mitte; the aim of it was to raise money for the Junge Staatsoper. Our members were invited to the opening of the exhibition as well as an exclusive guided tour where Paul Green presented us his works. They show singers and performers in close shots, after they have turned into the character on stage. Thus the second glance at the person behind the mask was very fascinating. At the vernissage we could afterwards enjoy a performance by the great mezzo-soprano Marina Prudenskaya.

21 September 2014 | Staatsoper for cinema pricing: »Candide« for everyone under 35
In the evening of the Staatsoper’s season opening festivity, about 300 young visitors under 35 could watch Leonard Bernstein’s opera »Candide« back on stage of the Schiller Theater. With the project »Staatsoper for cinema pricing«, our association gave them the wonderful chance to see this opera for just 8,- euros.
With a glass of wine at the invitation of the Südliche Weinstraße the participants opened the evening in the Glass Foyer of the Schiller Theater. Afterwards they enjoyed Berstein’s opalescent »Comic Operetta in Two Acts« after Voltaire’s philosophic-satiric novel »Candide«. A great ensemble of singers around Leonardo Capalbo as the eponymous hero, the charming and humorous staging by Vincent Boussard and opulent rococo costumes by designer Christian Lacroix ensured a wonderful evening.

02 - 05 July 2014 | Members’ trip to the concert of the Staatskapelle Berlin in Paris
Saint-Sulpice, Champs-Élysées, Montmartre, Opéra Garnier, the »savoir vivre à la française« as well as the fascinating Eiffel Tower: The summer in Paris is seductive. This is especially true when the Staatskapelle Berlin and Daniel Barenboim make a concert at the Salle Pleyel. Their summer tour gave us the perfect opportunity to travel to the Seine and spend days full of music in on this beautiful city.

28 April 2014 | Presentation of the new Season with Artistic director Jürgen Flimm
On April 28th, Artistic Director Jürgen Flimm introduced the new season 2014/15 to the Friends and Sponsors of the Staatsoper. In the upcoming season we can look forward to 9 premieres on the big stage, 21 operas from the repertory and about 80 concerts. Great singers such as Anna Netrebko, Plácido Domingo, Rolando Villazón, Waltraud Meier, Edita Gruberova, Peter Seiffert, René Pape, Thomas Hampson, Wolfgang Koch, Christian Gerhaher and many more will provide us with great musical events. After drinking a glass of wine at the invitation of the Südliche Weinstraße, we had the wonderful opportunity to visit the rehearsal of Achim Freyer’s sublime staging of de' Cavalieris »Rappresentatione di anima et di corpo«.

18 April 2014 | Guided tour: Construction Site of the Opera House Unter den Linden
During the FESTTAGE, we offered the possibility to visit the construction site of the Opera House Unter den Linden. We still have to have patience until the Staatsoper will return to »our« Staatsoper Unter den Linden – this summer, senate building director Regula Lüscher will pronounce the final date for the re-opening. But now we could get our own idea of the progresses that have been made. Our guides Jörg Freyer and Kay Keßner showed us the construction project and its history and gave us an idea in what a fantastic building the Staatsoper will return. In the Staatsoper’s former orchestra rehearsal hall we looked forward with anticipation to the extraordinary production of Salvatore Sciarrino’s chamber opera »Macbeth« which Jürgen Flimm will stage her in June.

15 April 2014 | Talk with Peter Seiffert
Peter Seiffert is one of the leading heldentenors of his generation and performed in every important opera house of the world. At the Staatsoper’s FESTTAGE in 2014, he thrilled everyone as »Tannhäuser«. In the extraordinary hotel Waldorf Astoria Berlin we met Peter Seiffert for a talk. With great passion and his humorous and winning character, he talked about his life as opera singer, the role of »Tannhäuser« and the production in the Schiller Theater. We are already looking forward to seeing him again and again on the Staatsoper’s stage.

14 April 2014 | Guided tour of the Schiller Theater
Have a glance behind the iron curtain, look into the wardrobes of the artists, get to know the history of the Schiller Theater – all of that was possible for our members and visitors of the FESTTAGE during a guided tour through the Schiller Theater. They learned a lot about what is necessary behind the scenes so that the curtain rises every evening got to know places that are usually invisible to visitors.

13 April 2014 | FESTTAGE-Reception after »Simon Boccanegra«
As second opera of this year’s FESTTAGE, Giuseppe Verdi’s »Simon Boccanegra« with Daniel Barenboim, a fantastic Staatskapelle and great singers thrilled the audience in the Schiller Theater. Afterwards, our members and visitors of the FESTTAGE met in the Glassy Foyer to drink to the FESTTAGE 2014. It was a great pleasure to welcome many of the artists of the performance at our reception: Maria Agresta, who had enchanted the audience as Maria Boccanegra, Dmitry Belosselskiy (Fiesco), Àngel Òdena (Paolo Albiani), Wilhelm Schwinghammer (Pietro), Jonathan Winell (Hauptmann der Bogenschützen), Evelin Novak (Dienerin Amelias) as well as Markus Bruggaier (horn), Matthias Glander (solo clarinetist), Susanne Schergaut (1st violin) and Hartmut Schuldt (solo bass clarinetist) let fade away the evening with us. We could exchange views about the evening and casually get into conversation with the musicians.


06 February 2014 | Welcome reception »Katja Kabanowa«
At a reception behind the scenes of the Schiller Theater, we gave a welcome to the new members of our association. They met longtime members, socialized and talked about their shared love for opera. Afterwards, we visited the performance of »Katja Kabanowa« with Simon Rattle as conductor and staged by Andrea Breth. The evocative presentation and the thrilling music had enchanted both audience and press. During a guided tour after the performance we got great insights into the world behind the scenes. Thus, we got to know the history and details of the building and learnt a lot about the necessary procedures behind the scenes that enable an opera performance.

22 January 2014 | Exclusive guided tour of the Daimler Kunst SammlungThe arts collection Daimler Contemporary was founded in 1977. Today it includes about 1.800 works by German and international artists. At a guided tour through the exhibition rooms in Haus Huth our members got to know the wonderful exhibition »highways and byways. together again«, where Nic Hess stages American art out of the collection and shows a cross section from Josef Albers, the Los Angeles »Abstract Classicist« and the »Washington Color School«, Minimal Art and Radical Painting to latest ideas. Afterwards we could talk about the art we’d just seen during a reception.

19 - 21 January 2014 | Members‘ trip to Dresden
At our members’ trip to Dresden, we accompanied René Pape to the city of his birth. Many oeuvres by Richard Strauss were premièred at the Semperoper. Thus, the opera house celebrated the composer’s 150th birthday with a fascinating premiere of »Elektra«. Christian Thielemann as conductor and a fantastic cast with René Pape, Waltraud Meier and Anne Schwanewilms enchanted everyone. After the performance we went to the first night party and had dinner together. On the following day, we visited the cultural highlights of Dresden such as the Frauenkirche and the art gallery.

03 December 2013 | Photos of the concert for our members with Evelin Novak and Gyula Orendt
Our members could celebrate a very special evening at this year’s concert for our members. At the invitation of Vattenfall GmbH, Gyula Orendt and Evelin Novak, both members of the Staatsoper’s ensemble, gave a wonderful concert in the former turbine hall of the heat and power station Moabit. 150 members and guests listened to arias and duets and donated in favor of the Junge Staatsoper.


29 November 2013 | Photos of the opening night dinner »Il trovatore«
In celebration of the top-class opening night of Giuseppe Verdi’s »IL TROVATORE« on 29 November 2013, artistic director Jürgen Flimm and the Staatsoper’s Friends and Supporters have invited to an exclusive dinner. Together with Plácido Domingo, Anna Netrebko and Daniel Barenboim, the guests dined in a festive ambience after the performance.
The donations of the evening benefit the Junge Staatsoper.


28 November 2013 | Discussion with Mara Kurotschka
Together with Philipp Stölzl, Mara Kurotschka staged the highly coveted performances of » IL TROVATORE« with Anna Netrebko and Plácido Domingo at the Staatsoper im Schiller Theater. One day before the premiere, we talked to the co-director about the evolution of this staging from the first ideas to the completed work. Where did they get the idea for the fantastic stage design from, which approaches did the stars make to their roles – these were just some of the questions that the 40 guests were interested in. Jens Schroth, the Staatsoper’s head dramaturg, moderated the talk and impressed the listeners with his comprehensive knowledge about Giuseppe Verdi’s oeuvre. We are happy that we have found the hotel Brandenburger Hof as a wonderful new cooperation partner and thus this talk could take place in a very classy ambience.

20 October 2013 | Sunday shopping at Dussmann KulturKaufhaus
On October 20th, 2013, the Dussmann KulturKaufhaus hosted the 7th Sunday shopping to the benefit of the Staatsoper. All revenues of the day were donated to our association and will benefit the Junge Staatsoper. And shopping was even more fun on this special day as artists of the Staatsoper performed in the KulturKaufhaus and turned it into a concert hall.
As a start, a string quintet of the Staatskapelle – accompanied on the piano by Lora Dimitrova – presented the wonderful Sextet for strings and piano op. 33 (1906) by Felix von Weingartner. The Children’s choir and the Youth choir of the Staatsoper Unter den Linden under the direction of Vinzenz Weissenburger and Frank Flade enchanted everyone. Sónia Grané (soprano), Stephen Chambers (tenor) and Maximilian Krummen (baritone) of the Staatsoper‘s Opernstudio sang arias and duets by W. A. Mozart, accompanied on the piano by Adrian Heger. As a crowning final, the members of the Staatsoper’s ensemble Marina Prudenskaya (mezzo-soprano) and Stephan Rügamer (tenor) delighted with arias and songs by J. Brahms, S. Rachmaninow and G. Verdi. They were accompanied on the piano by Klaus Sallmann.
We cordially thank the KulturKaufhaus Dussmann for this extraordinary commitment. We also give great thanks to the artist, who made such a special event of this afternoon.


11-13 October 2013 | International Opera Weekend by the Young Friends
From 11 to 13 October 2013, the Young Friends of the Staatsoper held the 8th International Opera Weekend in Berlin. Young opera friends from all over Europe were invited to see three operas in Berlin’s three opera houses. The participants were thrilled by the variety of the performances: »Wozzeck« at the Staatsoper im Schiller Theater, »Ball im Savoy« at the Komische Oper and »Nabucco« at the Deutsche Oper. Furthermore, a guided tour through the construction site of the opera house Unter den Linden, a reception in the Schiller Theater and a guided tour through Kreuzberg were on the program for the Young Friends and their visitors who came from Italy, Norway and France to Berlin.

07 October 2013 | Guided tour through the Collection Hoffmann
The private Collection Hoffmann is an extraordinary treasure of contemporary art by diverse artists such as Andy Warhol, Chiharu Shiota, Ernesto Neto, François Morellet or Frank Stella.
Erika Hoffmann opens her living and working areas situated on two floors of a former industrial building in order to let others have a share in this special collection. Thus, our members could experience in this private atmosphere a very personal approach to the masterpieces and get inspired by the richness of the contemporary art on display, made by artists of diverse origin and from different generations.

22 June 2013 | Reception at the première of »Hanjo«
After the premiere of Toshio Hosokawa‘s opera »Hanjo«, the members of the Friends and Sponsors were invited to an exclusive reception by the Staatsoper. The wings offered an exciting view to the scenery of the stage design. Together with the artists and artistic director Jürgen Flimm our members were able to let the season 2012/2013 fade away in this atmospheric setting. Jürgen Flimm said goodbye to everyone until the next season.

20 June 2013 | Introduction »For the disconnected child«
On occasion of the special coproduction »For the disconnected child« by the Staatsoper im Schiller Theater with the Schaubühne am Lehniner Platz, the friends’ associations of the two houses met for a conjoint introduction with director Falk Richter. In the Schaubühne’s studio, he explained the concept and the music of his project. Afterwards, we visited the performance. »For the disconnected child« combines Falk Richter’s texts with New Music made my seven different composers; Tschaikowsky’s opera »Eugen Onegin« also plays an important role. Under the musical direction of Wolfram-Maria Märtig, singers of the Staatsoper (Borjana Mateewa, Gyula Orendt, Maraike Schröter) met the Icelandic singer/songwriter Helgi Hrafn Jónsson, actors of the Schaubühne, impressing dancers and musicians of the Staatskapelle Berlin.

15 June 2013 | Charity dinner at Villa Jacobs
On 15 June 2013, our member of the board Marianne Ludes, Stefan Ludes and the Friends and Sponsors of the Staatsoper invited to a summer evening in the garden of the Villa Jacobs at the Jungfernsee.
After the guests had arrived via BMW-shuttle, they were welcomed with a glass of champagne and a performance by a brass quintet of the Staatskapelle Berlin (Christian Batzdorf: trumpet, Felix Wilde: trumpet, Thomas Jordans: horn, Martin Reinhard: trombone, Elliott Dushman: tuba). Afterwards, the guests wandered through the magnificent park of the Villa and then, Marianne Ludes invited them to the very special highlight of the evening on the Villa’s terrace: a private concert with Anna Prohaska (soprano) and Gyula Orendt (baritone), both members of the Staatsoper’s ensemble. In the unique atmosphere at the Jungfernsee, the two of them enchanted all guests with their stunning performances of arias and duets from »Don Giovanni«, »Le nozze di Figaro«, »Die Zauberflöte«, »Die tote Stadt«, »Rusalka« and »Die lustige Witwe«.
Afterwards, a festive dinner with the artists and Artistic Director Jürgen Flimm took place in the Villa’s Lindenhain.
The donations that were raised during the event made possible the project »Staatsoper for cinema pricing« where young opera fans could by opera tickets for 8,- €.
We cordially thank Marianne and Stefan Ludes who made possible this wonderful evening. We are also indebted to the artists of the evening for their commitment, to BMW for their shuttle-service as well as to all guests for their coming and for their donations.


22 May 2013 | Welcome Evening for new Members: Friends meet Friends
Attending an opera conjointly is a wonderful event, and so we invited the new members of our association to a welcome evening and a following visit of the performance »Der fliegende Holländer«. During a reception in the Theodor Heuss room, the new members got to know each other, and our longtime supporters, who were also invited, had much to tell about our association. We were especially happy about a visit by the board of the Staatskapelle Berlin: Susanne Schergaut (1st violin), who just joined our association, looks forward to joint projects. Markus Bruggaier (horn) and Thomas Jordans (horn) also took the time to welcome our members before starting for the orchestra pit. The visually stunning performance of »Der fliegende Holländer« delighted us very much on the day of Richard Wagner’s 200th birthday.

15 May 2013 | General Meeting 2013
 At this year’s General Meeting, the Friends and Sponsors were happy to welcome a special surprise guest: During a moving speech, Daniel Barenboim talked about his close affinity to Berlin and about the last 50 years, which he spent in this city, as well as the last 21 years, which he spent at the Staatsoper and with the Staatskapelle Berlin. He highly appreciated the public funding of the arts, yet there were many important which could only be achieved with the help of private support. Thus, Daniel Barenboim cordially thanked the members for everything that the Friends and Sponsors had done for the Staatsoper and will yet do.
For the first time, the General Meeting took place in the Werkstatt of the Schiller Theater.
Ulrich Maas, chairman of the association, was especially happy to welcome state secretary André Schmitz. Mr. Schmitz thanked everyone who remained steadfastly at the Staatsoper’s side during these difficult times, especially Mr. Barenboim for his loyalty to Berlin as well as our association for supporting the refurbishment.
Ulrich Maas reported on the newly founded board of trustees of the association, which will play an important role for the association. The enlargement of the personnel will advance the national and international charisma. The members of the board of trustees not only perform an extended advisory function, but also support the Staatsoper as ideas provider and multiplier.  He is happy that so many   prestigious personalities could be enthused with one of the most renowned opera houses of the world.
Furthermore, Mr. Andreas Fibig, CEO of Bayer Pharma AG, and Dr. Gary Smith, Executive Director of the American Academy in Berlin, were elected as members of the board of our association.
Artistic director Jürgen Flimm gave a summary of the highlights of the ongoing and the upcoming season and our treasurer Dr. Hans-Jürgen Meyer presented the annual accounts of 2012. Anna Schwanhäußer, executive director of the Friends and Sponsors, presented the association’s events and upcoming projects.
After the meeting, the members had a cozy get-together during a reception in the foyer of the Werkstatt.

04 - 05 May 2013 | Spring at Neuhardenberg Castle: Concert with Elena Baschkirowa
The pianist Elena Baschkirowa is one of the most successful musicians of Russia. On May 4th, 2013, she played a piano-recital with works of Franz Liszt, Robert Schumann, Galina Ustwolskaja and Peter Tschaikowsky in the Schinkel-church in Neuhardenberg. On the occasion of this special concert, we offered our members a weekend at the wonderful Neuhardenberg Castle. After the participants had enjoyed the park of the Castle, they had dinner together and got in the mood for the following concert. The highlight was the exclusive Meet & Greet with Elena Baschkirowa, whom we met after the concert. She gave us an insight into the choice of her works and her artistry.

25 April 2013 | Presentation of the new Season 2013/14
On the day of the press conference, the members of the Friends and Sponsors got to know the new season before everyone else did. The presentation took place in the Schiller Theater. Ronny Unganz, the Staatsoper’s managing director, Isabel Ostermann, Jürgen Flimm’s personal referent, as well as the dramaturges Jens Schroth and Detlef Giese presented the upcoming programme.

02 April 2013 | Informative Meeting about the refurbishment of the opera house Unter den Linden
With a very informative, competent and committed presentation, Regula Lüscher, construction director of the Berlin Senate, personally informed our members about the state of the refurbishment works at the Opera House Unter den Linden. Marianne Ludes, our board member and executive director of Ludes Generalplaner GmbH, moderated the subsequent talk with Regula Lüscher and Ronny Unganz, managing director of the Staatsoper. Thus, our understanding of the refurbishment, individual procedures and the further planning were advanced.For our members, it was a good opportunity to get informed at first hand and to ask questions. During a subsequent reception we had the opportunity to talk more. We thank the Bertelsmann SE & Co. KGaA for inviting us to their representation in Berlin.


FLYER with information on the refurbishment of Staatosoper  by the Senate Department for Urban Development and the Environment (in German only)

24 March - 04 April 2013 | FESTTAGE 2013: Special programme of the Friends and Sponsors
This year‘s paschal FESTTAGE at the Staatsoper Berlin were formed by Richard Wagner‘s »Der Ring des Nibelungen« as well as the concerts with the Staatskapelle Berlin and with the choir and the orchestra of the Scala Milano under the direction of Maestro Daniel Barenboim. Accompanying these extraordinary musical events, we organized a special program.
With the aid of the donations within the scope of this special program and the membership fees of our members, the Friends and Sponsors in 2013 support the performances of Wagner at the Staatsoper with 150.000 €.

03 March 2013 | Reception durin première of »Götterdämmerung«
With the premiere of »Götterdämmerung« on March 3rd, 2013, the new staging of the Ring Cycle at the Staatsoper came to a closure. The Friends and Sponsors of the Staatsoper support the performances of Richard Wagner’s »Ring des Nibelungen« with the amount of 150.000 €. At the premiere on March 3rd, our members and many guests of honour of the Staatsoper came together at a reception during the break. Marianne Ludes, member of the board of our association, and Artistic Director Jürgen Flimm, thanked the members of the Friends and Sponsors of the Staatsoper for their commitment.

We thank the Südliche Weinstraße and Lindner for the support of our receptions.


15 February 2013 | Guided tour through the exhibition »ImLicht von Amarna – 100 Jahre Fund der Nofretete«
About 100 years ago, the famous bust of Nefertiti (Nofretete) was found in the city of Tell el-Amarna. On the occasion of this anniversary, the Ägyptisches Museum and Papyrussammlung are displaying a great exhibition in the New Museum in Berlin around the bust and its rediscovery. Under very competent guidance our members had the chance to experience never shown findings as well as many international loans. Detailed information on the political and religious changes following the imposition of the monotheistic sun worship by PharaoEchnaton led to new insights regarding the Nofrete bust and the extraordinary art of the Amarna-period.

03 January 2013 | »Karl Friedrich Schinkel«: Guided tour through the exhibition
Berlin’s opera lovers hold Karl Friedrich Schinkel(1781-1841) in high regard as creator of the impressing stage design for Mozart’s »Die Zauberflöte«. But Schinkel is rightly referred to as “Prussian universal genius”: He was an architect, city planner, artist and designer. In the exhibition of the Kupferstichkabinett of the Staatliche Museen Berlin, our members were able to see the manifold aspects of his creations. About 300 exhibits gave us an extraordinary insight into the life and work of one of the most important European architects at the beginning of modernity.

07 December 2012 | 20th Anniversary of the Friends and Sponsors – Festive Performance of »La Bohème«
On December 6th 1992, on the eve of the 250th birthday of the StaatsoperUnter den Linden, a small circle of musicians, politicians and business persons came together to found the friends’ association of the StaatsoperUnter den Linden.
20 years later, on December 7th 2012, many members of the association, which nowadays counts over 1.400 Friends and Sponsors, celebrated this special anniversary at a festive performance of »La Bohème«. It was a wonderful and joyous celebration, where our members together looked back at the 20 past years. Unfortunately, our foundation chairman Hans-Dietrich Genscher wasn’t able to travel to Berlin because of the sudden snowfall at the airport.
After the guests had walked into the Schiller Theater on the red carpet, they were welcomed with sparkling wine and wine. Before the performance begun, Ulrich Maas, chairman of the association, thanked everyone for coming and for supporting the Staatsoper. Afterwards we saw the amazing production of »La Bohème« with conductor Andris Nelsons and with the fantastic singers KristineOpolais, Anna Samuil, Stephen Costello, Alfredo Daza, ArttuKataja, Jan Martiník, Michael Smallwood and Alcindoro Michael Kraus.
After the performance, our members celebrated together with guests of honour, artists and the Staatsoper’s staff at a great reception in the Gläsernes Foyer of the Schiller Theater. Artistic Director Jürgen Flimm once more welcomed all the guests and presented a very special „surprise guest“: Daniel Barenboim greeted our members via video. He himself could unfortunately not be present, as he opened the new season at the Scala Milano with »Lohengrin«.
As perfect highlight of the evening, our guests were able to get to see the singers of the  »Bohème« once more very close: Anna Samuil and Michael Smallwood sang »Libiamo« from Verdi’s »La Traviata«, Stephen Costello sang Verdi’s »Quest’oquella« from the opera »Rigoletto« and Kristine Opolais enchanted the audience with »O miobabbinocaro« from Puccinis »Gianni Schicchi«. The exaltation of the listeners was rewarded by a fantastic encore byKristine Opolais and Stephen Costello with a duet of »La Bohème«. The singers were accompanied on the piano by pianist Wolfram-Maria Märtig, who afterwards provided a wonderful end of the evening by his solo play.
We cordially thank our sponsors, who were of vital importance for the success of the evening: Berliner Kindl, Gerresheim, Kofler&Kompanie, SüdlicheWeinstraße, Blumen- und Pflanzenservice Bernhard Utzschneider.


15 November 2012 | Daniel Barenboim’s 70th Birthday: The Friends and Sponsors donate a scholarship for the Musikkindergarten
For his 70th birthday, the Friends and Sponsors of the Staatsoper made Daniel Barenboim a very special present: They donated a 3-year-scholarship for one child to the Musikkindergarten Berlin e.V., which was brought into being by Mr. Barenboim. The chairman of our association, Ulrich Maas, handed him a symbolic cheque for the scholarship, about which Mr. Barenboim was very glad. Right before the handing over of the cheque, the children of the Musikkindergarten delighted Daniel Barenboim by singing for him.

07 November 2012 | Welcome evening for new Members: »Don Carlo«
At our yearly welcome evening we want to welcome all new members and offer them the opportunity to get to know other members as well as to learn particulars about our association and the Staatsoper. This year, we attended the spectecular performance of »Don Carlo« with René Pape as Philipp II together. During the break, we met for a reception in the Theodor Heuss room. Thus, new and long-time members could get to know each other and talk about their opera experiences.

21 October 2012 | Staatsoper Sunday at DussmannKulturKaufhaus
On October 21st, the DussmannKulturKaufhaus for the 6th time hosted a Shopping Sunday for the benefit of the refurbishment of the Staatsoper. For one afternoon, the KulturKaufhaus turned into a concert hall.
Knut Zimmermann, concertmaster of the second violins of the Staatskapelle Berlin, and Volker Sprenger, solo viola player at the Staatskapelle Berlin, enchanted with their interpretation of Mozart’s »Duo in G-Dur KV 423« and »Passacaglia – freinachHändel« by J. Halvorsen.
Christian Batzdorf, Felix Wilde, Rainer Auerbach and Dietrich Schmuhl played as a trumpet quartet.
The great soloists Katharina Kammerloher, Paul O’Neill and Jan Martiník elated the visitors with arias and songs by J. Strauß, G. Puccini, V. Blodek, A. Dvorák and R. Strauss. They were accompanied on the piano by Klaus Sallmann.
We cordially thank the artist, who made such a special event of this afternoon. We also especially thank the KulturKaufhausDussmann as well as all visitors and shoppers, thanks to whom the KulturKaufhausDussmann was able to donate the revenues of the day in the amount of 28.700 € to the Friends and Sponsors in favour of the Staatsoper.


12 October 2012 | Guided Tour: Construction Site Opera House Unter den Linden
Two years have passed since the Staatsoper moved to the Bismarckstraße, and in October 2012 the third season in the Schiller Theater started. The parent house Unter den Linden is meanwhile being renovated, refurbished and modernised. In September 2011, our members for the first time had the chance to get an idea of the advances of the refurbishment; now we offered once more the opportunity to return to the opera house Unter den Linden during a guided tour.
Though still some time will pass until the first sounds will be heard at the reopening, a grading room already shows how the finished interior of the will look like and makes one sense how the StaatsoperUnter den Linden will shine resplendent after the refurbishment has been completed. Our members are already looking forward to it.


13 September 2012 | Guided Tour through the Exhibition “Friederisiko” in the New Palace and Park Sanssouci
On the occasion of the 300th birthday of Friedrich II, called The Great, the ‘Foundation Prussian Castles and Gardens’ showed the exhibition “Friederisiko – Friedrich The Great” in the New Palais and Park Sanssouci, Potsdam. We got to see exhibits around the monarch and his days as well as unknown rooms in the grand castle planned by himself. Especially the hall where the walls were decorated by sea shells, crystals and marble was impressing.

31 August - 02 September 2012 | Member’s Trip to Salzburg
In summer 2012, we could, together with Discovery Fernreisen Berlin, offer our members a trip to the wonderful Salzburg festival. On August 31st, we visited the performance of G.F. Händel’s»GiulioCesare in Egitto« in the Haus für Mozart: Five hours of finest baroque opera with the stunning Cecilia Bartoli as Cleopatra.
On Saturday morning, we were able to enjoy Verdis »Messa da Requiem« in the GroßesFestspielhaus, with a quartet of soloists which right now is the pick of the bunch: AnjaHarteros, ElinaGaranca, Jonas Kaufmann and René Pape, with Daniel Barenboim as conductor and the choir and orchestra of the Scala Milano. Everyone with tickets could count himself lucky. The great expectations of the audience were more than met. Afterwards, we had a lunch in the restaurant M32 on the Mönchsberg with a dreamlike view over Salzburg and the Salzach.
On Sunday, our group took a guided tour to the most beautiful and remarkable spots of the city. In the afternoon a special highlight awaited us: During an exclusive guided tour, we could visit the stages of the Felsenreitschule, the Haus für Mozart and the GroßesFestpielhaus and took a look behind the scenes which usually is reserved for the artists.
We thank Discovery Fernreisen GmbH for the organisation and guidance in New York.